Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's hang some art!

   It's a new day. I know this because I woke up this morning, which means I actually slept! Turk, the disruptive kitten, allowed me some sleep. As did my ever attacking "alien nightmare" series I've been experiencing. Bob Smith came over and I had to assist, as Aaron wasn't home. I learned how to turn water back on. I feel like I'm ready for my tool belt now. I'm sure you're wondering why it's been a while since I've posted update pictures. I'm losing hope in this project. Here lies the sink that I rushed to get from Lowe' myself.  Sigh. Here it is in it's new location...

   I know what you're thinking. Is that the foyer or the new bathroom? It is, in fact, the foyer. This is the progress as of last night.

LOVING the new floor, right?

   That's the third side wall of the shower. Still not installed. I would show you that the tub faucet is installed, but wouldn't you rather wait until SOME of it looked pretty? A big reveal? OK cool. That's what we'll do then. Bob will be back Thursday night to work on it. Suuuuuuure.

   I received a very exciting mention on Twitter last night from @UWlovesfashion. She must have found me because she is affiliated with JewelMint as a brand ambassador and I tweeted their handle. She informed me that with code "Seattle72" when I check out and I'll get 50% off! They also offer free shipping, so my cost will be about $14.99. So Jaime at University of Washington, you're doing an awesome job with your brand! I will be ordering today! Go on ahead and use the code if you found something you like and let me know what you get, I'm so curious about this company. I'll keep you posted on my purchase.

   On a decorative note, I would like to show you what I received from my little sister, Chelsea, for my birthday. I'm not sure how she made this but I assume she used some fancy program.

   The picture is Chelsea and I taking a nap when she was about 2 and I was around age16. One of my favorites. Then the real clincher is the lyrics to the left. This is an excerpt from Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up". It was so nicely done and so beautiful. I love this gift so much! It went right on my nightstand.

   The other gift I got in the area of home decor was from my mother and father. They got me this print signed by the artist that did an art show where I work. I saw this hydrangea print and HAD to have it. Anyone who can work with watercolors like this deserves a spot on my wall. Kimberly Muese's work can be found here. Remarkably, one year later, my print made it to the front page of her site! Check it out! In any case, I have been putting off framing this piece because it's expensive and time consuming and blah blah blah. So I left it up to parents. The art experts!

   My main question now...where do I hang this B? I originally wanted her in my beautiful guest room. It's purple so it would of course, match. The hallway, however, is newly painted. It was originally a nasty Easter egg yellow (seen to the left in below pic).

   Perhaps the gorgeous hydrangeas can find a home on the green wall instead and it won't "get lost" in the purple?

   Can I hang this right there at the top of the first landing? What do you think? I want it somewhere it will be seen and admired. Not locked in the guest room (where we plan to lock a baby someday)! My other option would be right as you walk into our pad. Over the silver painted desk in the blue foyer seen in this post.

   What would this burrito think?

   Doesn't look like she cares. Damn....

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XO Autumn Van Weir


  1. wow that picture your sister made is an amazing idea. and home projects always seem to take 10 times as long as you think they or. or as they should. i swear, they're never ending.

  2. That photo with Taylor Swift´s lyrics is so beautiful! Such a great idea for a gift!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  3. I can't believe I missed this post! I just saw it now! So of course I have to respond. Your sisters present is amazing! How heart felt! I did something like this for my sister back in middle school (we were learning to laminate) of course not as nice as your sisters of course. Hey what do you want I was in 6th grade!!! I fully understand the importance and love shared for a big sister because I have to say that I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for my big sister (okay is there a reason I am tearing up?)Perhaps I shouldn't blog before my morning cup of coffee and midol! LOL!

    As for the picture....TO DIE FOR! I would put it against the green wall and not the purple because I think the contrast with the complimentary colors would really make it pop from the wall and be such a great piece. Love it! We should go look at art one day!

    Congrats on the awesome deal with the jewelery mint site. Which one(s) did you end up buying?

  4. I'm 90% sure I'm hanging it on the green wall in the hallway. I want it to pop, not look like old lady art.

    aww! you're allowed to tear up. I almost did!! Something about T.Swift lyrics...