Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If you want my pizza and you think it's sexy...

  I forgot to mention earlier the crazy car shimmy I had to do to get  into Civic today. Because Bob Smith was over his truck was in my spot. So I parked in Aaron's and he parked in the spare next to it. The only bad part of our condo parking (besides the lack of spaces) is that if you park even slightly over the line, the person next to you can't get in/out. I was cursing myself out for not noticing this faux pas when I parked the beotch last night. Though I may have been angrier that I couldn't blame anyone but myself, I think!

   Kind of precarious. I opened the back driver's side door first thinking I could drop in my armload of crap like a genius. Turns out losing an empty reusable shopping bag and then realizing you still have your purse, a refillable water bottle (the kind with a straw so if it dumps over it spills) and a Netflix dvd in hand...doesn't help. I made it work. But not before I dropped the contents of my purse and got dirt from Aaron's car on my navy suit. It was then that I decided my car needed to be washed stat. I get in and start driving and notice bird doo all over the windshield. Windshield wipers. There's no fluid. Bird poo goes everywhere.

   After spending $12 on a car wash and reading a couple chapters from book 2 of "The Hunger Games" I headed to work. Side note: I also drove by Cheesecake Factory. I heard on Twitter that it opens...drumroll....AUGUST 29TH!!! Now onto food because I had a very dissatisfying lunch today. Last night I was inspired by my cousin Natalie from Sunshine and Sippy Cups to do a homemade pizza. Holy crap is it easy to do. How have I never done this before? Here's some tips:

   Preheat oven to 500 degrees. I don't think my oven has ever seen that high a temp before.

   Sir CooksaLot and I were stunned (that's the oven). Then you lay out the pre-made dough on the pan. Natalie recommends letting it get to room temp. I couldn't wait for that, so when Sir CooksaLot was ready, I placed the pan with dough on top of him to heat it and pick up the pace a bit.

   Then comes the awesome part. Add whatever toppings you like! I only used about half a can of pasta sauce, a bag of mozz cheese, a container of crumbled goat cheese, some pepperoni, olives and half an onion.

   Recipe calls for letting it cook for 10 minutes or so...but Sir gets really hot and overcooks if I don't watch them. After 7 minutes we had some overdone pizza. Even with the ends a little crispy, it tasted like Italian heaven on a dish.

   I took the liberty of making this picture HUGE *please read in Donald Trump NY accent, thus ignoring the "h"*. It was slammin', for lack of a classier terminology. The two of us downed that whole pizza in half an hour. Normally we'd have leftovers for something that large. 

Peace out, kids.

   I had a really hard time separating my fingers while balancing a camera and trying not to eat the olives right away. That's why I'm making a not-so-cool face and my hand is obviously struggling.

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