Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jewelry is my friend

   I have spent quite some time scoffing the Pandora-style bracelet phenomenon. Too expensive. Too many choices for beads. Just overall seemed like it would be a hassle. Until a vendor came to my job one fateful lunch break and offered said bracelets for $8 for the bracelet and 8 charms. How could I resist? They had cat charms, glitter, crystals, animal prints etc. I was in charm heaven. Seriously hard to decide!

   Was it cheap? Yes. $12. Does it look cheap. Probably. But each of the charms was so relevant I totally get the appeal now. I love how it has my wedding colors, my love for my 2 cats, 4 leaf clover, the list goes on. I just think it's the cat's meow.

   I most likely won't wear it everyday or forever. It's not even all real silver. It's fun though. Until I tried and rearrange something on it while at my desk and this happened.

   Twice. And then again at home at least 4 times. Basically it had one loose end so every time I took it off, beads went everywhere. I ended up spending more on the stopper charm I bought than I did on the whole damn bracelet! But mission accomplished. Beads will no longer go flying in every direction at night! Only took me 10 or 12 tries to figure it out!

   Anyone else a fan of this crazy bead frenzy sweeping the nation? I see these bracelets everywhere now. Another cool bit of jewelry news I picked up recently from another blog is "JewelMint". Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Well it sort of is. You go to http://www.jewelmint.com/ and you are directed to take a "style quiz" to determine your jewelry style. It shows your pictures of celebrities you know and love and different outfits and purses etc. In the end you are brought to your own personalized  "showroom". These are some of the items they chose for me that are dead on.

Looks like it came off a pirates wreck AND contains rose gold = Win-win. 

Say WHAAAT? I adore rose gold. How did they know?

I love the mixed materials and shapes. Totally me!
And lastly, this is just funky and fun. I loved having 2 diff colored metals.

   This was so much fun, now I just have to decide which piece feels like I want it enough for $29.99 because if I hate it in person I will lose the magic of JewelMint. What do you think?? What's more "Autumn"?   

   Bob Smith should be over again tonight around 4 or 5. Please...pray for my bathroom. Not for me. Just for the bathroom. If this bathroom isn't done by what is now "promised" for next Monday (one day AFTER my family is coming up for birthday cake for me. Thanks Bob), I take no responsibility for what happens next.



  1. Aww, this is hilarious! The bracelet is so lovely, it´s a pity you had such a problem with keeping it together! But I´m sure you managet to put it back in place :)

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  2. I use the term "Cat's Meow" also! Another favorite of mine is "Bee's Knees". I don't know why! Sometimes I think I am a little old lady trapped in a little old mans body! LOL. Your charms are so cute and SO YOU! They can be a pain though! If I were to choose from the 4 choices of jewelry you showed, I would go with the last two! I LOVE THEM! The mixture of materials and shapes. LOVE THEM!!!! Now....BACK TO WORK! :o)

  3. Thanks Ivana!The bracelet is ok...but I didn't wear it today. I needed a brake from bracelet anxiety. lol

    Swarles Barkley,
    I feel like I'm leaning between 1 and 4...thoughts? Is #2 too bulky and pirate-esque? Just say it.

  4. I think I am just not fond of number 2. I am not sure it just doesn't scream to me like the others. I personally wouldn't wear it! :o)~

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