Our Wedding Day

   Aaron and I were married on June 5, 2011 at The Riverview in Simsbury, CT. It was literally the most perfect day of our lives. I'm not sure how that happened because without fail, weird occurrences tend to drift my way. I stressed for months prior and around the 2 month countdown, I no longer cared what didn't go my way. I just enjoyed it thoroughly!

   Saturday June 4th me and m' girls headed out to have our nails and toes done.

   We had our rehearsal at the hall and everything went very smoothly! Aside from the groom showing up 10 minutes late as they had "misplaced" the key to the hotel room across the street. It was fine...so long as he wasn't late the following day.

Cheesin'  :)

  We chose Abigail's Grille  for our rehearsal dinner. It's rumored to be haunted, which is of course of paramount interest and priority to us. When people asked us who haunted it I told the tale of Abigail. The sea man's wife who found love in the arms of another man. The captain came home from his travels to catch them and murder them both. A lovely tale of a haunting for a wedding meal, right?

   After dinner we were off to our separate sleeping arrangements for the night. I went back to our condo and Aaron stayed at the inn across from the hall. My night included my sister snoring. And my cousin Lea tossing and turning on a LOUD air mattress. Then her phone went off repeatedly. Some sort of timer..but every time I got up, the light for said timer would flicker off. Sigh. I finally outsmarted the damn thing half an hour later and it turned out to be a "reminder" for "Autumn & Aaron's Wedding". Imagine that?

   The next morning I awoke ready to go and really not the slightest bit nervous. I was shocked at my own calm. I  awoke Chelsea and she rolled over, retainer still in mouth, and exclaimed "Letttthh do thissth". I don't think I'll ever forget that moment. We laughed our asses off. Then I ran from room to room telling all my friends.

Off to get our hair did...

Yes, I flossed. Pre-makeup. It just made good sense.

For the record, this was my makeup inspiration:

Katy Perry in her video "Thinking of You" found here.

                                                                Almost there...

    I decided to go last and ended up being a bit behind schedule. On the car ride up to the inn to dress my cousin Lea sat in the backseat and Chels up front with me. I hear a timid voice from the back... "Autumn, who has my bridesmaids dress?" That was my one moment of panic. Luckily my mother in law hadn't gotten too far from her house yet and was able to stop at my condo and grab the forgotten dress.  We then arrived at the hotel to dress and start the steady stream of pictures that would last until after 10 that night.

My Grandmother and Aunt Tina...two of my fave ladies

Reese showing me that she's wearing her new necklace :)

After a few more pics...it was time!

Me and m' besties

Aaron's special wedding gift...big screen TV for the man cave.

     The Mothers and Grandmothers walked down the aisle to Train's "Marry Me". My girls walked down the aisle to an instrumental of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. You can listen below...

 I sauntered down that aisle to an instrumental of "Yellow" by Coldplay. One of my fave songs of all time.

We wrote our own vows...so there were many tears.

And some laughter...because it's us!

And just like that....we were man and wife.

   We did some pictures, naturally. And unlike most people we had about 5 photographers. That's what happens when your parents are in the biz!

I fell down in my bridal gown right after all of this. Don't worry. No grass stains. I think Aaron had a stroke though...Once everyone saw that I was 100% fine and demanding to know if they had gotten it on video (they did not) I laughed my ass off.

   Our reception was filled with excellent food and drink, tons of dancing (of course) and lots of excitement!

We had a peacock "theme", so take note of all the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle peacock accents.

The hall and florist (Nancy Reagan website here! ) were beyond exquisite. I was floored by how everything came together and the little details they added on my behalf just because they knew what I wanted.

Table #'s by Chrissy from Chrissy Watson Designs on Etsy.

The most awesome cake EVER!!

And special cake-topper that I simply displayed later for Aaron as a surprise. It was a nod to our first born, Apollo. Ha. Custom design by Keren on Etsy shop MudCards.
*Photo from Etsy*

Our first dance was to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's "It's Your Love"

Dancin' to Ke$ha. Natch.

                                     And a few surprises along the way...
My Bro dancing with/scaring Gram.
An outrageous Candy Bar!! Gift from my Aunt Tina

No, we are not Jewish. They thought it would be "fun".

So when I say we had the "best day ever"...I really meant it!!

All photos were taken by my photographic team or myself.
Carol Kaliff
Lisa Weir of Autumn Studios (doubles as my Mom)

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  1. beautiful. what was you're wedding song? you never told me.