Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things I love, but refuse to buy

   The quake of '11. My dear friend Jan and her family live in Maryland, just miles from the epicenter. She felt it, but was not injured and had no home damage, thankfully. The difficulty I had with the event was the individuals in my office who lost it a refused to re-enter the building. I don't talk about this often but I am in corporate security. I do enjoy this field, very much actually. The part I dislike is being in an office where our client's employees PANIC at anything. In Danbury, where I work, we did feel the quake ever so slightly. The 3rd and 4th floor of my building felt it, I did not. Chaos ensued. My emergency line began ringing off the hook. When Aaron asked how my day was all I could do was laugh.

   Today I am pining for Anthropologie. I love this store, which I'm sure I've mentioned. Clothing I can manage, but their awesome home goods are really pricey. If everything wasn't so expensive there for my meager security salary my entire house would probably be covered with it. I did find a couple pieces that I certainly don't NEED, but would love. Side note: I have a very nice new collection of vases already that I registered for and got as wedding gifts. I guess it would also be a good time to mention that we don't often have fresh flowers in the house. Aaron won't buy them...and the cats would eat them.

vase found here.
I love this one and it's only $28! That seemed like a steal until I read that it's only 9 inches tall. OK, so the price makes more sense now.

This vase is here.
This one is only $18 but only 5 inches tall. So essentially it's an over sized bud vase and I'm dreaming. But it's just delightful!

Mirror found here.
If I had my way my entire house would be a shabby chic masterpiece. Sigh. But It's too girly for a husband.

And I have NO need for a cushionless chair. I am just obsessed with gradient colored items. And this screams out my name.

Eat your hearts out as I did.

   I fully intend to purchase something big from Anthropologie one day. Someday. Am I the only one? Do you have a favorite store that you LOVE to browse but just don't have the gall to purchase from?

If you really like this mirrored piece, don't look here.

  I  love antiqued mirror furniture. Pier 1 also has a line called Hayworth (found here) but it's not as special, hence it being half the price. I guess I'll just keep my eyes peeled at Homegoods and stumble across a piece one day.

   And the last tangent in the random of my friends, Nancy, had her baby yesterday. So special shout out to the Day Family and their new arrival!! Hugs and kisses, can't wait to meet Half Day!

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  1. these pieces are stunning, but i am in the same boat with you. i need a few things for my house, but just can't seem to actually buy anything!

  2. I just can't see spending $400+ on JUST a mirror! It makes me sad...

  3. I would love to go CRAZY in Pier 1. But I live in a rental. :( And that mirror is soooooo pretty!!