Monday, August 29, 2011

I've never seen goonies

   I feel like I often have movies that people love that I have never seen. I've seen so many movies and viewing them is one of my favorite pastimes. Lately I've had several instances where a "classic" (Read: our generation has all seen it thereby calling it classic) was up for debate and I never saw it. My next mission (after I finish Sex and the City, I'm almost done, relax) will be to see all the movies that everyone gasps when I say I never saw. Technically I already started. I got Sophie's Choice on Netflix. Not overrated, btw. And my mom always told me NEVER to watch it. Well I did and I see what all the hoopla is about. Meryl, you're wonderful!

The Goonies- Never saw it. Never interested in seeing it. But who between the ages of 23 and 35 hasn't seen it? Sigh. I'll choke it down even though it's about little boys.

   The Princess Bride- Again...not interested. If there's a lot of hype around a film, I destined to dig my heels in and not see it. I didn't see Titanic until it was on it's 3rd month in theaters. I didn't see Avatar until it was on blue ray.

   Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure- I was just scolded today for never having seen this. I can't guarantee I'm sold on it when the argument for seeing it included a ghost hovering over a step-mom at a seance and seeing her boobs down her shirt.

   Alien- Maybe I'm scared of it because I was told I look like young Sigourney. I don't want to see myself battle aliens and have more dreams? I don't have a reaction to why I never saw this. I think I wasn't "allowed" to see it when it came out and then it just fell by the wayside.

   Clearly Alien is right up my alley. I love horror and I love aliens even more. So I plan to get on that asap.

    Scarface- Not happening. Bite me. But I did see the house where some of it was filmed in Miami.

   The Godfather- I'm 90% sure I've seen bits and pieces of one of them. Not sure which one. Someday I realize as an Italian I do have to sit down and watch it.

   Gone With the Wind- Meh. Girls in big dresses speaking in southern accents. I think I'll pass. I'd rather watch Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.

   Pulp Fiction- If you know the dance, do you really need to see the movie?

   Why is this so intriguing to all of you?   If you can tell me ONE good thing about this movie, maybe I'll consider it.

   Labyrinth- I don't know what it's about, but apparently they sing? It sounds like musical Zelda. Am I wrong?

   Rocky Horror Picture Show- Any time my parents talk about this movie they bring up throwing bread at the screen...I don't know. Cross-dressing. I;m down.

   Ghostbusters- Any of them. Wasn't allowed to see them as a kid and never caught up.


    I enjoyed making this list, and it elicited a few gasps already by some of my co-workers. I asked them for more and they helped greatly. If you have any others, bring 'em on!!

XO Autumn Van Weir


  1. You're not alone. The only movie I've seen on that list is The Princess Bride (which I love).

  2. PS, Goonies is NOT just about little boys! (That sounds dirty...)

  3. OK. Little boys and treasure hunting?

  4. THE MUSICAL ZELDA!!! LOLOLOLOL! OMG I LOVE YOU! Really though?! ITS AMAZING! GREAT MOVIE! I also have never seen any of the godfather's! MEH! I am okay with missing out! Rocky Horror though you really should watch! Its fun, fantasy and just all around a great movie to watch! I also have never seen Scarface! It just doesn't do it for me. Its like the Monty Python movies. The only British humor I really love and get is Ab Fab!

    LOLOLOLOLOL Musical Zelda! I am still laughing at that one! I can almost hear that cheesy nintendo music playing in the background. You know the music...when you enter into castle level 5! LOL :o)~

  5. I plan to research ringtones asap. I feel like my life would be more complete if I had the Zelda theme song as my ringer...

    I will try and get on some of these...

  6. Ok - we haven't seen a lot of the same movies and I'm not interested in seeing most of them either. However, lady, blogger friend, you must watch the Goonies. This is still one of my favorite movies. I will stop everything and watch it when its on tv even though I have the dvd. "Ok, ok, Michael Jackson didn't come to my house to use the bathroom... but his sister did!" You'll get it when you see it. Report back to me immediately.

  7. Agree with most of those (haven't seen them either) but I will say that you should see Goonies and the Princess Bride. And Rocky Horror. Labyrinth is way weird (even though it has a young Jennifer Connelly with even bushier eyebrows). I will see Pulp Fiction with you!

  8. Ok Michelle. I can make my peace with Goonies. I will follow up on that. Last night I was too busy watching an 80s drama about a family with AIDS.

    Sara- I don't want to see Pulp Fiction. But you may need to watch some of the others with me...