Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is Halloween...sort of

   Thank you everyone for the feedback on the new do!! I appreciate it :) This morning I had to work extra early and got up to use the bathroom (normal) and Turk was in the sink (semi-normal). I noticed she looked occupied. Kind of squatty. Yep, she was peeing. In the sink where we brush our teeth. I swiftly picked her up and brought her down to the litter where she scratched the litter away and peed right on the plastic bottom of the box. I'll be stopping to purchase a spray bottle on my way home tonight...It's time for discipline I suppose. As Sara says "the world is her litter box".

   Something super exciting now. Halloween. As you know I start shopping the moment Halloween merch is available. You recall my "sinkventure" at Lowe's. I found myself stopping into Michael's craft store last night on my way to the salon. Mistake. I didn't find what I needed. Instead I found this:

 Make no mistake. I want every piece they manufacture for an elaborate Halloween village. "But Autumn, your cats climb into wedding paraphernalia and pee in the sink, won't they ruin it?" to that I say "Shut up. I didn't ask you". But for reals... I have to have this. Surely there is somewhere in my house I can safely display these skeletons and goblins, right?

   Frankenstein and Bride of? C'mon!! I would share more from their collection but Micheal's hasn't quite mastered the concept of having a well put togetherr website. It may be the worst site ever built.  I didn't walk out with any of those pieces (but wouldn't that love swing be a GREAT start? for $24.99??). But I did purchase 2 wonderful different sized candle pillars. Black and mirrors etc. I'll share those closer to the decorating of the condo. It'll be more fun that way ;)

   Now onto Pottery Barn. I didn't visit one yesterday but I did get a catalog with "Fall" merch and knew this meant Halloween was tapping on the door (read: bony skeleton fingers tapping on a locked dungeon door). Several things I will spend the next couple weeks telling myself I don't need...

Plate set found here
  Though I don't know that I'm sold on eating off a plate with a rat on it...even in the spirit of Halloween. 
To be more specific, the string of lights.

GASP!!! Gorgeous, right?
Found here

And my favorite, which I will own...

Coolest table runner EVER

  I worked at Pier 1 for a few years. My bosses would purposely leave the Halloween set up for me because it was my favorite. I'll check out what they've got this year and let you know. I got my bleeding candles last year though. What could top that? 

   Someday I will have a house that will be so obnoxiously Halloweened out, you'll be afraid to come over. Until this (below) is in my front yard scaring children...I won't be satisfied.

   Now I need some candy corn...

XO Autumn Van Weir


  1. that display is amazing and while i don't really get into halloween, i so want that now! i love the frankensteins on the swing!

  2. this is super cute! I love Halloween as well :)

    Happy Friday!


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