Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Land of No Progress

   Advice. Everyone loves to dispense advice, sometimes unwarranted. I'm not a huge fan of receiving advice when I haven't asked for it. If I am speaking to a close friend, I want advice or help. If I'm speaking to a co-worker or authority...I probably don't want advice on personal matters. I have prefaced the following story so it makes sense.

   My sis-in-law Laura was witness last night to what could have been, a clash of the titans. I'm SO thankful that she was there because it was almost too good to be true from a blogger standpoint. Remember yesterday's post? When I was bitching about my bathroom (And the day before that and so on...yes, I know) and I included the clip from "The Money Pit"? No lie, when Bob Smith showed up yesterday at 7 pm, Aaron answered the door and I heard Bob say to him *drum roll* "Have you ever seen that movie "The Money Pit?' hahaha they have the bit about "it'll be done in two weeks!" hahahahahah". I seethed in the kitchen and desperately tried to mouth to Laura "did you read my blog today?"  You can't make this stuff up. Not only is Bob taking forever, but he knows it. And finds it comical. And boom goes the dynamite...

   The unsolicited advice I got this morning after telling this story? And I quote "You want to let Aaron know how mad you are? Pack a bag of clothes and leave it on the bed and when he asks what it is, tell him you're leaving until the job is done". Are you freaking kidding me? I'm a newlywed! And I'm not CRAZY. It's not that serious. I was floored by this advice. Side note: the person who gave me this pearl of wisdom attended my wedding just 2+ months ago. Thank you, I love my husband. I think I'll survive... who says stuff like that?

   This is what my bathroom looks like as of today. Please look for differences from yesterday or the day before...

   What's that you say? You already posted that pic yesterday, Autumn. Whaaaaa? Oh right. That's because he carried in stuff with Aaron and then LEFT. Day 5, no progress. So help me God...Laura and I exchanged knowing looks of anger/frustration. Aaron cowered and turned on the Mets game. Bob "will be back again today". Right.

   I did make some progress on my own, however. Thanks to the opinions of my crew I chose the bathroom ensemble set. It was on clearance and I had 20% of coupons from my house and some from mom. Per the receipt I saved $74 total. Guess how much I spent? Rug, soap dish, waste can, soap pump and tissue holder. $63. You may bow down now. To go with this set:

                                              I will be ordering these towels, in blue of course...

   I am in love with this color and theme. Even Aaron liked it! That was my evening. Stay tuned later for an update on the pretty awesome meal I cooked. I got a "this is really delicious" and a kiss from Aaron. Laura went back for it must have been decent.
   Now a special shout friend Craig who I have known since 6th grade...Happy 30th birthday!! Here's what NOT to do on your birthday. If you get home and there is a goat there, it  doesn't mean there's an NYC style party on the roof. Just run.

XO Autumn Van Weir

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  1. Thank you for the shout out!!! I LOVE THE VIDEO! I also can't wait to see what this bathroom is going to look like! I am so excited and I dont even live there!!! LOL! xoxo