Monday, August 1, 2011

Are those manatees?

   Weird title right? It's probably worth noting that Aaron likes manatees. He Thinks they're cool. He wants to swim with them. I'll pass on the swimming with the water creatures. I attempted that on our honeymoon to prove I was a good wife. Swimming with the sting rays in a totally controlled environment...still too much risk for me when one of those 4 foot suckers came flopping up to me in the waist deep water. Instead I just sat on the sidelines and photographed my new husband having the time of his life. Now I get why my Mom always takes pictures (side note: she IS a professional photographer). She's clearly afraid of theme park rides, sting rays and perhaps of having her own picture taken. Anyway, this is what that sting ray fiasco to me, adventure to he, looked like.

  I said all of that to tell you Aaron loves sea life. I opened a pack of Orbitz gum today and didn't yet have the chance to show him the WEIRD design on the box. I get that they have revamped their "look" and I dig it. But I wasn't expected to rip open the groovy plastic to be greeted with this...

   Yes, those are manatees. A mama and her baby. With some sea grass. OK...what does that have to do with mint gum??? I will have to share it with Aaron later. He'll think it's cool and not at all nonsensical.

   In other news I told Aaron to keep his eyes peeled for my bronze and pewter colored Old Navy flip flops. They've been missing for at least 2 weeks and I've been surving on the other one or two pairs I have. I really wanted the bronze ones the other day and changed my clothes because the silver back up's just didn't match. His reaction was to open the coat closet in the livingroom referenced here and start pulling shoes and flip flops out like a rabbit digging out an underground lair for himself. There were ALL my flip flops. Even a couple pairs I didn't know were missing! I tried to take a photo of this happening but he was onto me and stopped burrowing. "It's for BLOOOOG!" I proclaimed. He glared.

   The following is why I avoid stores like Marshall's and Homegoods. Because I want everything in their furniture department. Nothing like a good interesting statement piece. If it were up to me they'd ALL be statement pieces. Aaron isn't into that though. He loves beige. If I had ever gotten an apartment by myself, I like to imagine that I'd have dinign room chairs that looked like this:

   But alas, I got married, thereby giving up my right to own pink zebra chairs (It's in the marriage by-laws for Connecticut, I swear). I saw these babies from across the room and it was love at first sit. Sadly I knew that even though our living room is "safari themed" it wouldn't work. Plus we have a brand new dining room set we got as a shower gift. Sigh. Rather than pining more at Marshall's I stopped by Kmart to pick up some new cat beds. I simply had to stop and snap a shot of this image. This is why I want daughters. No one gets it...

   Baby girl bathing suits. Nothing is cuter than these. And if these are from Kmart, imagine what they have at baby Gap?! Yes please. (hint hint to my pregnant friends. Please ONE of you have a girl!) C'mon, so cute! Then I came to what will become my cat-pic of the day.

                                           Yes, that's my water. Oh and p.s. HE is a SHE. Turk's a girl.


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  1. I wanna know what he said about the gum pack. Also, I laughed at your "labels"...haha