Monday, August 15, 2011

Tina Fey and T-Shirts

   Just learned why I didn't run into Tina Fey at 30 Rock. Obviously the odds of me bumping into a 9 month pregnant celeb on a Saturday outside NBC is super high to begin with. She went ahead and gave birth! Little Penelope Athena. Aww! So that's why I didn't see her. Clearly the only reason. I assume she just hovers around Rock Center.

   I didn't mention Bob Smith in my last post. I know you all noticed. He was supposed to be at my house early on Saturday (also my birthday) and then work all day. He was 2 hours late (per the norm) and texted Aaron once we got down to the city to say he had to leave. OK. He shows up last night about 40 minutes late and then almost finishes the tub surround. Almost. He should actually be getting to my house any time now and be there when I get home. I plan to sit on the couch and read Hunger Games all the while checking his progress under the guise of "needing something" from upstairs. I don't care if I have to empty my bedroom in the process of making it look like I need things.

   Now I'm going to introduce you to an awesome seller on Etsy. You know Etsy is my crack. I know so many of you have kids or will in the near future. I worked with her to create T-shirts for my friend Janice's twins. It was their 2nd birthday and I loved customized anythings. Her prices were reasonable and she created these shirts and had them to me in less than a week! Her name is Gin and she runs her shop out of Patchogue, NY (semi-neighbors?). This is what we created together:

   So cute, right? She has so many fabric samples and threads to chose from! She had run out of the initial choice for Courtney's shirt for the bird but she selected a new one on my behalf. I gave her artistic freedom.
Gin's shop can be found here. Gingez Shop exceeded all my expectations! Thanks Gin!

   She also has another shop with more adult items found here. Eew no! It's not cloth "adult toy" covers. I mean key chains and the like. God, where do I find these readers!? Take a moment to stop over and see if you can't pick out something unique for yourself or a bud. On that note, I'm going to read on my new Kindle.

XO Autumn Van Weir

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