Monday, August 15, 2011


  My apologies for no post from this weekend for you all to devour. My 30th birthday began of course at midnight on Saturday the 13th. Normally I wouldn't be up so late but our friend Scott was leaving for law school the next day so we went down to our local watering hole to say hello. Upon our return, Apollo met us at the door. Usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. We assumed Turk was sleeping on my pillow where we often find her when we come home later. We go up to our bedroom, no Turk. I call for her, check the closets (find some poop in Aaron's closet. Awesome) but no kitten. I start to get my jammies on and I hear a strange rustling by the clothes pile. The laundry basket was downstairs so we had just accumulated a few chef coats etc on the floor where the hamper would be. I lean down and hear the sound coming from what appears to be the heat/AC vent. I pause. Two eyes staring back at me. "Is that a mouse?... OMG TURK!!!" Yes. The first 20 minutes of my 4th decade of life was spent panicking because "someone" left the vent uncovered int he bathroom reno and the cat got into the air ducts.

   Aaron, seeing my panic, tells me it's OK, we'll get her out, just be calm. Images of our cat stuck are terrifying me. He moves the dresser like a hero who lifts a car, normally it takes both of us, moves it and digs up the vent. Turk vanishes into the recesses of dark. I call to her lovingly, so she doesn't run. Aaron gets to the other side and lifts that vent. Apollo races between the two vents, looking up at us with horror "where's my kitten?" Obviously during the Kitten Crisis of '11 I didn't think to photograph. I will not share a photo of the vent so you can get an idea of why I was freaking out.

Picture eyes and a tiny orange cat through that vent.

   Eventually she came out to Aaron because I had to walk away to calm myself a little. I didn't know whether to laugh of cry. Talk about giving me a run for my money. And then I was 30.

    Later that day I was busy living it up NYC style (again). My husband took me to The View, a revolving restaurant that overlooks NY near Times Square. It's 48 stories up and the views are spectacular, pics don't do it justice, but I tried!

In the next picture please note in lower left corner. Aaron kept on the look out for his "sex".

      It was pretty awesome. Food was to die for. I will do anything for a well done fillet mignon. I was accused of being crabby because I didn't eat lunch (excuuuuse me for living)  and my husband got his dessert and it had a crab shaped cookie on top. Natch one of the crab claws ended up in my dessert.

And man was it good! And I promptly "tore it up".

   Next we were off to Times Square and the obligatory "picture of ourselves somewhere interesting".


I looked for Tina Fey. She wasn't there.

   It's important to know that I have loved Barbie's since I was a kid. I have the first 10 Holiday Barbie's, including the original which means I am awesome.  I was thrilled to get to Toys R' Us in Times Square and see the Barbie department. This years Holiday Barbie pictured above. Lovely.    
   Beautiful weather and my fave city in the world. It was good times. We got to meet up with my friend Erica for a Magnolia cupcake run and she escorted us back to Grand silly farm-folk always get lost. (I heart Erica. We would have gotten lost)
   Yesterday was spent GLUED to my new Kindle. Hunger Games. That's all I can say. I had nightmares last night and woke up with pain my back and hurty eyes. Yet it didn't stop me from pulling over on my way into work and reading for 20 minutes in the famed Christmas Tree Shop Plaza. I can't get enough of this book. I got the trilogy as an awesome e-gift from Sara (thanks again! My husband says he misses me). Seriously, if you haven't read it, you may want to pick up a copy. Riveting.

   Hello thirties, I'm here. You're welcome.

XO Autumn Van Weir

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  1. The second picture down before the "sex" word (What is this Lion King?) IS BY FAR ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE BUILDINGS IN THE CITY! LOVE IT! Maybe I will have to take Vin for our 9 year anniversary. Hmmmmmm maybe it can wait till the 10 year! LOL! Glad you had a great birthday! Isn't the kindle THE BOMB!! I got one for Vin for Christmas and he LOVES IT! Totally missed your blog this weekend!!! Lets try to not have that happen again okay? I mean your fans are the most important!

    ps. Dax used to get up in the ceiling tiles when she was about Turks age. Would scare the crap out of us! The things we do for the cats we love! :o)