Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stupid Signature

   I did something Somehow after filling up my eco-friendly water cup I didn't screw the lid on properly. Not coordinated enough I suppose. I went to take a sip, water goes everywhere. How did I not notice it was cockeyed?

   Sigh. My pants have already begun to dry. Don't worry.

   Lastly, I am driving myself batty over here trying to get a delightful signature to post on my blog after each individual  post. You can explain it until you're blue in the face, blogger blogs. It's NOT working.This is B.S.!! It's so pretty...

I'll cheat and just add it another way. AAAAAAND scene.



What have I seen?

   Everyone's a movie critic. I posted the status "I've never see Goonies" on Facebook and ended up with 26 comments. Most of them were hate mail (lol). But I still love every one of you! And I will see Goonies. You have my blogger-word!! My intentions with this post is to sock it to all of you. I have compiled my top ten favorite movies/series of all time and would like to know who has/hasn't seen what. These are in no particular order. I love them all like family. There are many more, this is not exhaustive, but a nice top 10 is a clean list. Does not include Disney cartoons, I opted for live actions only in this list. (All footage from youtube. )

1. Clueless- I quote it regularly. Right before the wedding Aaron and I watched it on a Saturday night. I guess we hadn't ever seen it together so he didn't know I could say nearly every line along with the cast. Oops. It's OK. He still married me.

You all know there is nothing funnier than when someone falls down. May she rest in peace...

2. 16 Candles- Arguably if these were numbered, this one would be at the top. This is my Goonies. If someone hasn't seen it I look at them like they're insane. Molly Ringwald, 80s music and a geek. Where is the basis your argument that this isn't one of the greatest movies ever? Non existent.

3. Clifford- A Martin Short classic. I was introduced to it in high school by a friend. I can still put this movie on and laugh myself into a stupor. This is a little known film, so I doubt most of you have seen it. But I'd highly recommend it.

OMG. I can't even watch this clip without getting giddy. Please. If you can find this on TV or Netflix or anything. Do yourself the favor. Watch it.

4. Christmas Vacation- Watchable 356 days a year. Both a Christmas classic and a golden comedy. My family quotes this as if it were real life. "haha like when the squirrel was in the Christmas tree". Except that happened to the Griswolds. Not us. Another movie I can basically "perform".

I am also a HUGE fan of Vacation, the original. But the Christmas version is just a tad more fun, thereby earning it a top 10 spot.

5. Signs- M. Night Shyamalan. A master writer and director. This film is my favorite of his, but I honestly love all of them. This particular film is about aliens (natch) and I lean towards thinking it's a very close-to-real account of how the average American would survive and alien attack. It's fantasy, yes. But I just love the characters, the plot, the ending. It also includes Joaquin Phoenix before he became a laughingstock rapper (please come back, Joaquin!) All of it. M. Night, you had me at "I see dead people".

AHHH! Best clip EVER. Fun fact- Mr. Shyamalan does a cameo in every one of his films. No, I am not insinuating that the alien seen in the above footage is Mr. Shyamalan.

6. Forrest Gump- I have yet to meet someone who hasn't seen this. I have talked to insane people who didn't like it. It's a story about history, masked in a slow man's tale. I love Tom Hanks, I love that he was able to make this role so real and believable. There is NOTHING about this film I can say I dislike. I remember seeing it in theaters for Janice's birthday. Her mom asked me not to swear in the theater. We were, what? 13? So I associate this film with Jan and my early onset attitude.

I went with the trailer on some of these because they are more poignant that choosing one scene. How do you watch the Forrest Gump trailer and not tear up? Are you a robot?

7. Dumb and Dumber- One of the first films I saw in the theater without parents. Of course with Janice! I can perform most of this one for you too. I quote it in everyday daily. Hilarious, a winning comedic team, stupid plot but executed brilliantly. My favorite comedy, and that title will never be replaced.

8. Lord of the Rings Trilogy- Can't pick a favorite. Adore this series. Haven't read the books. Don;t plan on reading them. My brother had to twist my arm to get me to watch them because I fought it. If it's popular, I'll rebel and not want to be involved (the Titanic effect, as I call it). Big mistake as this is one of the most well made film/s I have ever encountered. Visual masterpiece. And Orlando Bloom is a hot elf.

9. Big Fish- This movie didn't get a lot of attention. Another lesser known film that I think is wonderful. Touching story, fun cast, imaginative. And it's one of the few movies I cry every time I watch. I'm not a typical movie-cryer.

It's a good story and you'll cry, but feel good at the same time.

10. Seven-  I love a good serial killer flick. I own several encyclopedias of serial killers. I took a lot of gruesome classes in college over the course of obtaining a pre-law degree. This film is one of my favorites because of the continuity of the crimes and the overall reasoning behind them. It's creepily fascinating and they don't hold back on the crime scene footage. It doesn't have any real "slashing" scenes in it, which I prefer. My stomach has weakened with age, I guess. Let me see the after effects, but not the actual murder.

I've opted to not include a clip because you all won't want to see it! But you can Youtube it!

Those are my favorites as they stand now. There were a few I debated on adding and then replaced. Maybe some time I'll do a follow up 10 haha.

XO Autumn Van Weir

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Moth

   No, I didn't watch Goonies yet. But I will. That, I promise. I didn't do a whole lot of anything besides read The Hunger Games and fall asleep. So call this a funny/pictorial post. The contractor was over last night and it doesn't look like progress, but it is. He asked how we want the floor set up.

    There she is, ready to be primed. Floor plan is made out. We had to decide square or diamond shape for the angle of the tiles. Naturally I picked the one that is "harder to do", which is surely his preemptive strike to not be done by this weekend as I have laid down. He now refers to me as "The Boss". Correct. And you have now won yourself one more shot.

   The most entertaining thing that happened in the past 24 hours was the moth that got into our bedroom. Sounds silly, but it entertained the cats to no end this morning from 5:30-7 am. I realized my camera was downstairs and tried snapping some super lousy shots with my Blackberry. Now that I know Sprint will carry iPhone as of October, my phone hates me. It's been terrible. Anyway...

   This moth, the size of my thumbnail, left both cats transfixed on the ceiling. I even called them down to eat and they wouldn't move from the dresser/jewelry box lookout. Normally that's just Apollo's spot, but Turk had to get in on it.

If you look carefully to the top, you'll see Senor Moth.
   It was quite enjoyable. This afternoon I have decided to take on a new project. I will be undergoing a closet retransformation. More to follow.

XO Autumn Van Weir

Killer Soup

   I'll call it this because it's killer good. Simply put. It's called Sherried Tomato Soup, but that name isn't fancy enough. Recipe is from my cousin Natalie's blog, found here. I was told I would lick the plate clean. The main reason I didn't is that Bob Smith was still at our house and coming up and down the stairs. He stopped every time to pet Apollo (who he refers to as Frying Pan. Because "he looks like he got hit with a frying pan") which I actually found endearing.

   Killer Soup

  • 1 stick of Butter melted
  • 1 whole Medium Onion, Diced
  • 1 bottle (46 Oz.) Tomato Juice
  • 2 cans (14 Oz. Cans) Diced Tomatoes (I used a basil and garlic variation by Hunts) 
  • 3 chicken bouillon cubes
  • 4 Heaping Tablespoons Sugar
  • 1 pinch Salt
  • Black Pepper To Taste
  • 1 cup Cooking Sherry
  • 1-1/2 cup Heavy Cream
  • 1/4 cup Parsley (recipe calls for fresh, but I didn't have any)
  • 1/4 cup Chopped Basil
  • Sauté diced onions in butter until translucent.
    Then add canned tomatoes, tomato juice, chicken bouillon, sugar, pinch of salt, black pepper and stir.
    Bring to a near boil, then turn off heat. Add in sherry and cream and stir.
    We all know if it contains heavy cream, it's probably good. Add in parsley and basil to taste.
    Fry up some grilled cheese of your chosing. I used muenster slices on country white bread. Natalie suggested sourdough, but my damn grocery store didn't have it.
    This meal tasted like cold weather. So cozy and delicious! I'm ready for fall and sweaters and pumpkins!!
    XO Autumn Van Weir

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    I've never seen goonies

       I feel like I often have movies that people love that I have never seen. I've seen so many movies and viewing them is one of my favorite pastimes. Lately I've had several instances where a "classic" (Read: our generation has all seen it thereby calling it classic) was up for debate and I never saw it. My next mission (after I finish Sex and the City, I'm almost done, relax) will be to see all the movies that everyone gasps when I say I never saw. Technically I already started. I got Sophie's Choice on Netflix. Not overrated, btw. And my mom always told me NEVER to watch it. Well I did and I see what all the hoopla is about. Meryl, you're wonderful!

    The Goonies- Never saw it. Never interested in seeing it. But who between the ages of 23 and 35 hasn't seen it? Sigh. I'll choke it down even though it's about little boys.

       The Princess Bride- Again...not interested. If there's a lot of hype around a film, I destined to dig my heels in and not see it. I didn't see Titanic until it was on it's 3rd month in theaters. I didn't see Avatar until it was on blue ray.

       Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure- I was just scolded today for never having seen this. I can't guarantee I'm sold on it when the argument for seeing it included a ghost hovering over a step-mom at a seance and seeing her boobs down her shirt.

       Alien- Maybe I'm scared of it because I was told I look like young Sigourney. I don't want to see myself battle aliens and have more dreams? I don't have a reaction to why I never saw this. I think I wasn't "allowed" to see it when it came out and then it just fell by the wayside.

       Clearly Alien is right up my alley. I love horror and I love aliens even more. So I plan to get on that asap.

        Scarface- Not happening. Bite me. But I did see the house where some of it was filmed in Miami.

       The Godfather- I'm 90% sure I've seen bits and pieces of one of them. Not sure which one. Someday I realize as an Italian I do have to sit down and watch it.

       Gone With the Wind- Meh. Girls in big dresses speaking in southern accents. I think I'll pass. I'd rather watch Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.

       Pulp Fiction- If you know the dance, do you really need to see the movie?

       Why is this so intriguing to all of you?   If you can tell me ONE good thing about this movie, maybe I'll consider it.

       Labyrinth- I don't know what it's about, but apparently they sing? It sounds like musical Zelda. Am I wrong?

       Rocky Horror Picture Show- Any time my parents talk about this movie they bring up throwing bread at the screen...I don't know. Cross-dressing. I;m down.

       Ghostbusters- Any of them. Wasn't allowed to see them as a kid and never caught up.


        I enjoyed making this list, and it elicited a few gasps already by some of my co-workers. I asked them for more and they helped greatly. If you have any others, bring 'em on!!

    XO Autumn Van Weir

    The Calm

       Hurricane Irene came and went. Thankfully she downgraded her anger to a tropical storm by the time she hit Connecticut. Currently a large number of residents are without power, but we were blessed to maintain our electric. Doesn't mean I didn't sit on the edge of my seat for 24 hours at each flicker of the lights during heavy winds. Aaron had to work so he spent Saturday at work and it was just me and the cats for about 24 hours. Funny how quickly you talk to yourself when you're alone.

       We had some wind damage. This picture is disturbing, I know it is. This was taken in front of our condo yesterday afternoon after the rain and wind died down.

       I kiiiid. We actually had a lot of HUGE trees fall down behind the condo which I hear throughout the course of the night and day. I was mildly concerned that one would come through our roof, but we lucked out and they all fell away from the unit.

       It was a number of large trees and many of them were very large. So again, feeling lucky today. The kitties and I braved it alone watching episodes of Modern Family and I read more of The Hunger Games (halfway through the last book!). At one point I looked over and the cats were clearly trying to tell me something. I couldn't make out what letters they were attempting to form. I think they wanted treats...

       Aaron finally made it home safe around 4. We celebrated his arrival wholeheartedly, as I hadn't seen a human in hours.

       I don't know what gang affiliation is leopard print. But He's got his colors on his bandana. Apollo also rejoiced in his father's arrival home. By curling up out of arms reach.

       Reinstitute talking to oneself as my loved ones ignore me. How did everyone fair in the storm? Hope you're all OK!!

    XO Autumn Van Weir

    Friday, August 26, 2011

    Zappos Couture? What what?

       After doing some online shopping I stumbled across what I believe to be the ugliest clutch I've ever beheld. I love Kate Spade. But something went terribly awry here...

    For only $195
       Gasp. This made my fashion bone hurt. I did some perusing on the same site. I wasn't aware that Zappos had a couture site so imagine my excitement! It came up fruitless. I adore fashion and understand you have to pay more for good quality and couture. But what on Earth is this? Shorts? Underwear? Why would I carry this clutch ever? Oh and it's $695.


       The next purse only made me think ONE thing. "Pardon me, Pretty Woman called and she wants her purse back."

    Badgley Mischka

       I love a nice straw bag for summer. I really like tropical accessories.  I also enjoy a funny T-shirt every now and again. I can't think of a reason anyone would want this bag. You vacation in the Hamptons? Don't bring this with you.

    Shame on you, Kate Spade

       At this point  I had more than enough handbags. Couture my foot. Narsty. On to accessories. My ears feel cold. So does my neck and the forehead. I have the perfect solution!

    "Courtesy" D&G

       I don't know how they got into my old hair accessories but I KNOW I owned a barrette just like this in 1992. Except it was from Claire's.

    And it wasn't $99.
       It would be a sin to leave out the ring that will haunt my nightmares. No longer aliens, now I'll see skulls. I have several pieces with skulls on them. Love the trend, I respect it. When I'm not sure if I can support the weight of the item on my ring finger is when I back down.

    McQueen again. I'm sorry, but yikes.

       May he rest in peace...but that ring is fugly. And now I'm afraid skulls will be over! Oh and it's $295. Gripes. On to shoes. I love a good shoe almost as much as I love a handbag. I'm willing to spend good money on a nice handbag and I'm a little cheaper when it comes to shoes. The trends change so much quicker and I won't/can't pay $300 for shoes I'll wear one season and then find out "witch boots with black lace" are no longer in fashion. I just don't understand how a high end designer could let this one get past the drawing board...much less be worth $288 on clearance.

    Grandma couture


       I actually don't even think my Gram would wear these. And she owns more white semi-dress sandals than any human on earth. The following is photographic evidence of this. We shared a room in Cape Cod 2 summers ago and I caught her packing her stuff up and realized she had brought 3 nearly identical pairs of white old-lady sandals with her. Not one, not two but THREE. She was probably in the Cape for 4 days that year. Because I love her so so much, I edited her face out of this picture because she'd snap my neck if I posted her, make-up less, on my blog. I made her pose:

       Gram is my shining star. These next little ditties, are not.

    LAMB, anyone?

       I'm totally messing with you. I actually LOVE those LAMB sandals. Just wanted to see what you'd say.

       Luckily they also sell shoes for clubbed feet. The last pair of shoes made me gasp aloud. These are an orthopedic nightmare. Let me also state for the record that people do have orthopedic shoe needs. I know this. But it should not be called "couture" and cost should not be astronomical (read: $315 for the following).

       Thank you all so very much for listening to my fashion rant. I truly enjoyed it though! There are so many gorgeous items it would take me 2 years to blog all the purses and shoes I would love to own. Go look, it's so fun.  You all rock, have a safe weekend if you are in the path of Ms. Irene. I'm going home to batten down my hatches.

    XO Autumn Van Weir

    Puzzling, isn't it? Literally

       "Wanna puzzle tonight". What would you think if you got a text that said that and you were married to the world's worst texter? I assume he meant pizza. He meant puzzle. Back story: my friend Jan was present when we got into an argument over who was better at putting together puzzles. I couldn't tell you how that started. Both of us being ultra-competitive (and I have the leg up on any and all trivia games) he attempted to claim the throne of puzzling. Bring. It. On.

       As part of our wedding gift Jan gave us a 1000 piece Garfield the cat puzzle. Funnily enough, we both LOVED Garfield as kids. The puzzle has been eagerly awaiting our time to have at it. Last night was that time. I wish someone had warned me what I was walking into.

       My uncertainty elevated when he called into the kitchen and asked me to bring in some "sorting bowls". Aaron is meticulous in certain things. Where I am sloppy (home improvement and apparently puzzling) he is a control freak...and vice versa. Except I seem to be a control freak in every aspect besides reno and puzzling. He will toil over the door frame where I'll say "just slap it up and paint it". It has to be perfect to him. Funny, considering he can't pick up his dirty clothes...

    It took him 3 years to have this "just how he wanted it" to be ready top paint. Trim in our master for our closets.

       While we're puzzling I find out something about my husband that I never knew because it simply never came up. He used to puzzle with his Mom as a kid. And at his job when he worked as a cook in an old folks home. For like "an hour a day". Ummm, I've known this person for five years. How did he never mention "oh I did a puzzle with an old lady on lunch today"? That was his edge going into this puzzle-off with me. He has been doing intricate puzzles since he was a kid! He went in with a plan and started sorting. I guess I'm more of a "just find end pieces and go for it" type.

       So our adventure had begun. Of course the cats had to get in on it. Apparently curiosity comes into play when we aren't paying attention to them.

      We puzzled for over 2 hours. FYI- this is a tough puzzle. Jan, you got us!! After all that time (and 3/4 of the movie Saving Private Ryan) we had the outer trim done.

       Aaron then asked if we could frame it as our first puzzle together. It's times like that I remember why I love him so much :) We will most assuredly be framing our first puzzle together.

    XO Mrs. Van Puzzler

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Blood Loss

       OK, I didn't "lose" blood. I know where it went. To the Red Cross. The rough part is the super awesome/chatty guy who did my needle hurt me, badly. Something went awry and he hit a nerve as it feels like the needle is still in my arm (I's not). As of now I can't bend my arm much or straighten it and this is NOT normal for blood drive punctures. My blood helper guy was telling me the key to a happy marriage whilst he punctured me. "Don't go to bed angry". Helpful advice, but can you watch that needle please?

       All jokes aside, he met his wife on a cruise ship where they both worked, married her 2 weeks later and they've been happily married to each other for 28 years! So he knows something, for sure. He also informed me after talking with me for less than 5 minutes that I have a very admirable "take charge personality". I chose to take that as a compliment. Even though my sister texted me a pic of her with the Peanuts Character "Lucy" at an amusement park and asked "when did you get here?" I'm a Type A. Sorry.

       I'm attempting to make myself feel less damaged by eating a gigantic lemon poppy seed muffin. Truth be told, it's helping. I forgot to add something to my recent post about our friend's beautiful wedding regarding their favors. I know photo booths at events is a new trend. I hadn't yet experienced it yet though. Oh. My. God. Props galore, unlimited visits and a husband who complains about it...but keeps ending up IN the booth. Oh Aaron. Everyone got 2 sets of each "reel" and you could give one to each person etc. Turns out the bride and groom get a disc of all the shots too! How fun is that for an album??

       Seriously. SO MUCH FUN!!! Please note in the first pic of Aaron and I to the left we're both staring at nothing. We didn't "understand" on the first try. Also to the far right, second from the top. My sis-in-law and I are screaming because there was a flying bug in the booth with us. That's not as joyful as it looks. If you have an upcoming wedding you should look into this. Now I dare you to tell me I can't pull off a Justin Timberlake hat...

    XO Autumn Van Weir

    Broken umbrella

       Last night I heard the unmistakable rustling under my bed of  a cat getting into something she doesn't belong in. Feeling lazy and being mid-chapter of The Hunger Games, I let it slide. This was an error. I am past the days of hoarding keepsake items. I don't save vacation plane tickets anymore. Old theme park passes saw a dumpster years ago. Something about being in my own home and having a need for less clutter. What good do these items do anyhow?  You look at them, say "Wow, that was fun" and then you put it down? That's why we take pictures, folks.

       On my honeymoon cruise to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau I kept just a few items of sentiment. The note cards that came with the rose, prosecco, cake and candies from Janice, Jason and Lisa (thanks again you guys!). Our tickets from the Sting Ray Adventure that I chickened out of and Aaron did without me.

    Photo taken safely from the docks

       One of my favorite tokens was the umbrella from the first drink of our honeymoon. A delicious pina colada from the pool side bar on the Carnival Miracle. I felt sentimental about that umbrella. So I snagged it and tossed it into my new Vera Bradley clutch.

       It made it through a 9 days cruise, a 3 hours drive back to Woodbury from NYC and into my spare bedroom for safe keeping. Months later (last night) one curious, naughty kitten found the umbrella and ravaged it to a pulp. As I went to shut out my lights for bed, I found it. 

       Demolished and filled with my hair. Nasty nasty nasty. Unable to toss it out right away (due to the pending hurricane...what? I'll need an umbrella!) I left it on my kindle and awake to it, seemingly highlighted by the bright green. 

       *VOM* And then I chucked it. As for the hurricane barreling up the eastern seaboard, I'd like to ask it to please allow Bob Smith to come work this weekend. My Philly trip has been pushed to the following weekend so that's all good. But I really want my bathroom back!! Here's a sneak peek for you all ;)


       Thank you all for reading and following! If you haven't become a follower yet just email me and ask how you can do so! I'd be pleased to help. You guys rock!

    XO Autumn Van Weir

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Don't watch this movie

        Yesterday I thought it was time to address the fact that we have had very little progress in our bathroom since Bob Smith started working 2 and a half weeks ago *eye roll*. I asked Aaron to contact him (read: text him because that's what he does now) and let him know we weren't happy with how long it's taking or that he works for an hour and then leaves. A trip to Home Depot because you're missing a part (again) does not mean the day is over for you.  

       Naturally I'm the confrontational one so Aaron merely said we need to speed up this job and have it done before I get home from my weekend trip with my ladies on Sunday night. Perhaps he was "taking his sweet time", as I call it, because he felt no urgency and thought we were cool with it. He's been advised. When I get home Sunday night it should be almost finished! Yes, heard that before.  The weekend the project commenced I was told I'd come home from a day in NYC and see my new bathroom. All that exists now is a tub, some drywall and 2/3 of the tile lining the top of the shower/bath walls.

       I watched the worst movie ever the other night. I'm only mentioning it so you don't think I'm endorsing it, watch it, and then kill yourself. The movie is called "Helen" starring Ashley Judd. I had posted a Facebook status that I literally saw it starred Ashley, clicked on it to play before I even read what it was about. She's manic depressed, tries suicide on for size, married to hot Dr. Luka Kovac from ER...pause..

    OK, I added this one because it's funny and I don't know why I googled Dr. Luka Kovac and a pic of him with a pug came up...

    You're welcome, blog readers.
    Photo from

       Anyway, tries to kill herself, Luka loves her still (no, not his name in this wasted 2 hours of my life I'll never get back), her BFF kills herself etc. Sad, emotionally empty. And the characters aren't even likable enough that you're routing for her. I assume Ashley Judd had some real reason for doing this loaf of a film. The purpose of me telling you all of this is to point out something that I noticed halfway through the movie and it haunted me henceforth.

    Google Images

    Um, hi. Ashley, you look like Roseann Barr. Please stop. I almost had to pause the movie to cry.

       How does a beautiful starlet end up with facial structure that in particular lighting looks like ROSEANN? So to sum up, don't watch "Helen" ever.
    She's smiling on the cover, but you won't smile once. Unless your a giant Roseann follower.

    XO Autumn Van Weir


    Things I love, but refuse to buy

       The quake of '11. My dear friend Jan and her family live in Maryland, just miles from the epicenter. She felt it, but was not injured and had no home damage, thankfully. The difficulty I had with the event was the individuals in my office who lost it a refused to re-enter the building. I don't talk about this often but I am in corporate security. I do enjoy this field, very much actually. The part I dislike is being in an office where our client's employees PANIC at anything. In Danbury, where I work, we did feel the quake ever so slightly. The 3rd and 4th floor of my building felt it, I did not. Chaos ensued. My emergency line began ringing off the hook. When Aaron asked how my day was all I could do was laugh.

       Today I am pining for Anthropologie. I love this store, which I'm sure I've mentioned. Clothing I can manage, but their awesome home goods are really pricey. If everything wasn't so expensive there for my meager security salary my entire house would probably be covered with it. I did find a couple pieces that I certainly don't NEED, but would love. Side note: I have a very nice new collection of vases already that I registered for and got as wedding gifts. I guess it would also be a good time to mention that we don't often have fresh flowers in the house. Aaron won't buy them...and the cats would eat them.

    vase found here.
    I love this one and it's only $28! That seemed like a steal until I read that it's only 9 inches tall. OK, so the price makes more sense now.

    This vase is here.
    This one is only $18 but only 5 inches tall. So essentially it's an over sized bud vase and I'm dreaming. But it's just delightful!

    Mirror found here.
    If I had my way my entire house would be a shabby chic masterpiece. Sigh. But It's too girly for a husband.

    And I have NO need for a cushionless chair. I am just obsessed with gradient colored items. And this screams out my name.

    Eat your hearts out as I did.

       I fully intend to purchase something big from Anthropologie one day. Someday. Am I the only one? Do you have a favorite store that you LOVE to browse but just don't have the gall to purchase from?

    If you really like this mirrored piece, don't look here.

      I  love antiqued mirror furniture. Pier 1 also has a line called Hayworth (found here) but it's not as special, hence it being half the price. I guess I'll just keep my eyes peeled at Homegoods and stumble across a piece one day.

       And the last tangent in the random of my friends, Nancy, had her baby yesterday. So special shout out to the Day Family and their new arrival!! Hugs and kisses, can't wait to meet Half Day!

    Don't forget to become a follower if you enjoy my musings and join me on Twitter @AutumnVanWeir!

    XO Autumn Van Weir

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    Shoe Repair

        Pet peeve. Don't post your store hours at 9-6 pm and then go home early when you're running a Mom and Pop. You will annoy/lose customers. I have been to a local shoe repair shop 3 times now to attempt to get my sexy Nine West pump repaired. I wore them once. Who ever said you shouldn't tap dance in pumps was right. I'm totally messing with you. But I really did just casually lean one foot on the heel while I was on the phone standing at my desk and the heel came loose. I generally love Nine West for my work shoes. I have to wear a suit and they are trendy and dressy at the same time, often. These things just snapped.

       I have been to the same shop anywhere between 5 and 6 post-work and anticipated being able to walk in and get my shoe fixed "while I wait", per their sign. The first day it was 6:05 so I understood why they were closed. The second, late last week, I went at 5:48 and they were already shut down. The sign clearly says 6pm! So I try again. I go last night on my way home and of course there's a sign on the door "Will be closed Monday Aug 22nd" in scrawly handwriting. Hi, I'm Autumn, and I can't win.

                                                     So what did I find when I got home?...

         Guess what arrived!? My Jewelmint purchase!! Everybody let me know what pieces they liked more back here. So with my awesome discount code and $14.99 out of my pocket I was excited to see what that got me. I must say the packaging alone sold me on this company. It was expertly crafted! The box was so pleasing to the eye and to find the message inside about my piece was fun.

       A velvet bag holding my surprise greeted me after I wrassled open the box. The top of the box had a little blurb about the piece I had chosen and a thanks from the owners.

    And there it was! My ring bracelet!

       I'm super pleased with it and would recommend Jewelmint to anyone! I ran to find the cats to celebrate.

    And there was Turk. In a pair of Aaron's shorts. A pants puddling cat. That's not too weird.

    She made herself at home and I excused myself...

      XO Autumn Van Weir