Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blood Loss

   OK, I didn't "lose" blood. I know where it went. To the Red Cross. The rough part is the super awesome/chatty guy who did my needle hurt me, badly. Something went awry and he hit a nerve as it feels like the needle is still in my arm (I's not). As of now I can't bend my arm much or straighten it and this is NOT normal for blood drive punctures. My blood helper guy was telling me the key to a happy marriage whilst he punctured me. "Don't go to bed angry". Helpful advice, but can you watch that needle please?

   All jokes aside, he met his wife on a cruise ship where they both worked, married her 2 weeks later and they've been happily married to each other for 28 years! So he knows something, for sure. He also informed me after talking with me for less than 5 minutes that I have a very admirable "take charge personality". I chose to take that as a compliment. Even though my sister texted me a pic of her with the Peanuts Character "Lucy" at an amusement park and asked "when did you get here?" I'm a Type A. Sorry.

   I'm attempting to make myself feel less damaged by eating a gigantic lemon poppy seed muffin. Truth be told, it's helping. I forgot to add something to my recent post about our friend's beautiful wedding regarding their favors. I know photo booths at events is a new trend. I hadn't yet experienced it yet though. Oh. My. God. Props galore, unlimited visits and a husband who complains about it...but keeps ending up IN the booth. Oh Aaron. Everyone got 2 sets of each "reel" and you could give one to each person etc. Turns out the bride and groom get a disc of all the shots too! How fun is that for an album??

   Seriously. SO MUCH FUN!!! Please note in the first pic of Aaron and I to the left we're both staring at nothing. We didn't "understand" on the first try. Also to the far right, second from the top. My sis-in-law and I are screaming because there was a flying bug in the booth with us. That's not as joyful as it looks. If you have an upcoming wedding you should look into this. Now I dare you to tell me I can't pull off a Justin Timberlake hat...

XO Autumn Van Weir


  1. looks legen.....(wait for it).......dary!

  2. Right?? Maybe I need to invest in a JT hat. I think it's a possibility...

  3. I love this idea for a wedding favor!! And I totally want to scrapbook all those pictures!!! (I know, I'm being crazy, it's ok lol). AND I really love your new hair.

  4. I don't know if it's crazy if you're a pro scrapbooker. I think it just makes good sense! And thank you ;)