Monday, October 31, 2011


Well us losers in CT ended up with about 7-15 inches of blizzard this Saturday. I was at a baby shower for my friend Sara and it had just begun to come down as we arrived. 2 hours later?

Totally insanity.

It was awful the shower had to be cut short.

However, 2 short hours later, it was doing this:

Bah humbug, I mean, Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Well I'M not gonna be the one to tell him he can't sit that close to the fire! We have no heat!

Friday, October 28, 2011

FALL-ing out of line

   Say WHAT? Snow and freezing rain last night AND forecasted for the weekend. What happened to October and November, CT Weather Fairy? You're a tool. If I don't get to wear my Halloween costume because of snow...

And the fog around the moat...I mean the "lake" by our condos.

   I don't mind cold. If it's warm inside (Read: when my husband turns the heat on.) I nearly expired in the shower this morning. I couldn't stand the half of my body that wasn't under the hot stream of water as the air was frigid. I started to think there was an angry ghost in my bathroom (Creeper. Watchin' me shower). "When they get angry, it gets cold...." (Sixth Sense reference).

   I guess it's not only the weather that's ready for Winter. It's also, drumroll...Christmas Tree Shop! Here is a new take on candy corn. For the love of god...

   Not only is is snowing in October, but we have now turned a popular Halloween treat into a Christmas delight. We did some other scouring, naturally. There's a lot to look at in this mish-mash of weirdness discounted oddities.

I got 2 instant compliments the second this hate grazed my scalp. Probably wouldn't make a lot of sense for me to wear a Hannukah hat to church for Christmas Eve service though. So I passed.

Mom. Insisting that 25 cent soup is "just as good" as $4 soup from the regular store. She bought it. I have no doubts she'll keep us all posted. We then headed over to the mall to shop for my husband's birthday. 29. So young, so fragile. I think he needs...

Yes. That, my friends, is a beaver head rest. For travel. because who DOESN'T need this? I didn't buy it, relax. I knew Aaron didn't need a beaver head rest. That's why we got Apollo.

Have a wonderful Friday, friends! Happy birthday, Aaron :) xo

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Falling down stairs

  This is a literal post. I'm not trying to be coy or funny. Those just come naturally. This post is to tell you all that I wouldn't ask if my own husband was OK if he fell down the stairs. I know this to be true because it occurred. I'm not proud of it.

   Imagine a guy who is 6'7 slipping and falling down stairs. Then imagine that he doesn't get injured and you don't actually see it. You only HEAR it. This has happened before and I have to say it's a joke as old as time. It will never get old. He was mildly annoyed that I had a 10 minute laughing fit before asking if he was OK. I tried to pawn it off as wifely intuition. He would have none of that. Oh well. At least I got a good chuckle in.

   This morning when we headed downstairs (husband and cats) to get ready to go to work and eat our cat food (respectively) there was the strangest sound coming from the outside. Or so I thought. It sounded like someone's dryer had a loose something or other and was squealing. Aaron opened the door to the basement (which is funny b/c there is an open "cat hole" so they can come and go freely) and it got louder. Naturally I assumed it was our dryer. Don't ask me who I thought was doing laundry at 6 am.

   He continued down the stairs, cats in tow. Something was clearly up as the cats were ignoring their meals and it's usually the "end of the world" as they wait to be fed. A mole. There was a mole. Running for it's life. I felt we should save him since Apollo has become quite the mouser.  Aaron says "grab them!" and runs down stairs with puffy gloves on.

   I rushed the 2 hunters upstairs. Turk escaped before I even had the door shut all the way to my bedroom.
I got her back, scooped up Apollo and sat waiting for Aaron to chase a blind mole around our basement.

   Saved from certain death, the mole was released back into the wild. Well...the condo complex mini-lawn.

Would you want this to be the last face you ever saw?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Better After Feature!

   YAY!!!! I was featured on Better After by Lindsey for my amazing bathroom re-do! Guess it was worth the pain after all...

   You can see it here and share in my excitement below with a comment... if you want ;)

A Haunting

   I'm BACK!!! I had a great time visiting my dear friend and her 3 babies in Maryland this weekend. I had the opportunity to meet the famed medium Chip Coffey. I watched him on Paranormal State and Psychic Kids and he's just a love. I couldn't wait to hear him speak. He turned out to be so funny and so down to Earth, it was well worth the money.

   The event took place in The Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. This hotel has a long history of political legends and is known as "the second best address in DC", second to the White House.  President Roosevelt composed his "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself" within those walls. Queen Elizabeth even stayed there.

   JFK's mistress Judith Campbell Exner staying there when in town to visit her "Man Candy". President Calvin Coolidge had his inaugural ball there but never made it to the party because he was mourning the death of his young son. There are photos taken at The Mayflower of President Clinton and Monica Lewinksy. Mr. Spitzer and his lady friend also shacked up just down the hall from room 860 where Lewinsky stayed. Maybe some of these guys should figure "hmm...this hotel wants me to get caught. Maybe I'll stay at the HoJo instead..."

   The most intriguing stories involve the supposed haunting by Calvin Coolidge himself.

Interestingly, each year on January 20th – the date of Coolidge’s Inaugural Ball, unexplained happenings are reported. At about 10:00pm, the lights dim and flicker – the time that the first guests were announced. Also, an elevator does not move from the eighth floor until 10:15pm – the time when Coolidge would have left his room and come down to the ball. After 10:15pm, the elevator then goes down to the lobby. (courtesy

It was a fascinating place all around and made even more interesting by Chip Coffey.


There he is! (That's Lisa on the right)

   Chip did a  Q + A session and talked about his life and then did a reading for people who wanted to ask questions. My favorite part, hands down, was this suited loon who stood up asking about his Mother. His deceased mother's words of advice? "Stop screwing your friend sitting net to you". The lady next to him turned bright red. He said "We're just friends" and Chip smiled and said "Your mother is laughing right now". And guess what? They were "more than friends".

  It was really very fun! He also did a reading of the room and did this flashlight trick regarding contacting ghosts and actual visuals of them being in the room. It did work, but I'm not 100% on it. But pre-Halloween, it was a great way to spend a Monday night!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Monday, October 24, 2011

How not to decorate

It's stuff like this that makes Halloween truly scary. Thank you, neighbors, for being boring.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Factoid Five #6

   Blogisphere. Hello.

   It's Friday and I have a long weekend as I am off Monday and Tuesday of next week. Super excited about this! So join me in my 5 things for Friday as we count down to the weekend! I can post this one now because I have stuff in here about a surprise event for a co-worker and it's done there will be no cats getting out of any bags.

1. If I had my my way I'd eat out every night. By "my way" I naturally mean "If I was independently wealthy". That pipe dream is out. But I do ask Aaron to go out every now and again. I just love the experience of deciding what you want, ordering, waiting for the food and then choosing a dessert. It's enticing.

2. I love getting dressed up. That's probably part of the appeal of Halloween, weddings and the like. I love a whole outfit, accessorized to the tee. Dresses, heels, makeup.

3. I hate 'know-it-alls" even though sometimes I am one. Everyone in a work place is replaceable. No one knows everything about everything, so just calm it down. I don't act like that at work but I def do at home or with my family. Clearly I need to take my own advice.

4. I have the "Graduation Goggles". This has been occurring here and there. It's when you're about to leave a job and suddenly nothing seems bad anymore and the people are all so sweet and wonderful to be around. Dubbed by Robin on How I Met Your Mother. Of course that feeling is fleeting. Especially in the past day or two. I realize I will still be able to eat lunch at my next job. Even if they don't have an awesome grill...

5. I  am somewhat creative. My parents are artists, cameras their weapon of choice. I was raised to be creative and love the arts. Though I work in an  office and disappointed my family (lol) I still have some of that creative juice. I made this adorable little onesie for my work friend's baby shower today! Inspired by Sara who thought of the tie and bow tie idea for a little boy's theme. My boss wanted to have a little something more for her besides the gift card.

Cat Herdin'

   Just watch this. Friday Factoid Five to come later today!!

Whoever came up with this idea, can come live with me. Rent free. Brilliant. I hope you got  a chuckle out of it too! And thanks to Alix who showed it to me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Challenge Extended...

  My cousin Natalie challenged me to a super fun task that I am ready to grab by the horns. Your top 10 favorite junk foods. The foods that would murder you if you ate them all the time. Foods that sound like a ticking clock when you eat them...because it's only a matter of time...

Here is my list of 10 naughty foods that I adore.

1. Pizza- Number one on the list because it genuinely is my favorite. I love pizza of all kinds, love trying it from different places with different toppings. I consider myself something of a pizza connoisseur. You can find an awesome recipe here.

2. Ice Cream. Any time of the day I could eat it. With whipped cream please. Below is my all time favorite. Thank you, Friendly's.


3. Cookies. My favorite are chocolate chip, but when not available, Double Stuf Oreos will do. Preferably some sort of holiday themed is a nice touch.

4. Cheeseburgers with french fries. I like them from many places with many toppings. I'm not ashamed to admit I love a cheeseburger from Wendy's.

5.  Pasta, especially with Alfredo sauce. I'm Italian. It's cheap and easy. All the stars really line up when I'm hungry and I have pasta at my fingertips.

6. Nachos. My husband and I take special trips to a restaurant nearby JUST for their nachos. They are to die for. Guacamole? Yes,  please.

Google images

7. Cheese. Oh my god do I love cheese. Cheese of all kinds! And put it on anything! Mac and cheese, anything Parmesan, string cheese, omelettes. Anything is better with cheese.

Google Images

8. Chinese Food. I'm being broad, which I know isn't right. But I don't have just one fave dish and lord knows none of it is really "good for you". Take me to PF Changs or a small family owned place. Bring on the soy sauce. But if you bring to hibachi, make sure you don't give me chopsticks. Watch me like a hawk.

9. Chips and dip. Ranch, veggie, onion. I don't care what flavor it is. If you put me in front of a bowl of chips and dip at a party, I won't walk away until I think someone noticed how much I have consumed. Also love a good hot cheese and spinach dip.


9. Chocolate. Candy bars, mini-candy bars, pudding, chocolate toppings. Nothing says "I love you" like chocolate dipped strawberries. I can't say no to them. As witnessed by my friend Sara when as an awesome birthday treat her hub sent her a bouquet of chocolate dipped strawberries at work. Best. Idea. Ever.


10. Mexican Food. Again, another harsh generalization. But I love enchiladas, I love tacos, burritos, what have you (I don't count nachos in that because I feel they are really Americanized). Cover it in cheese and sour cream and I'll be your friend for life. OMG I'm hungry just looking at this pic.


   I really shouldn't have done this after a meal. Because now I'm hungry again. Thanks, food. Thanks a lot.
What are your faves! Do share!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


   I should have known it was going to be a rough week. I only have one episode of Mad Men on Netflix left. I stubbed my thumb plugging in my aPhone. Then last night I got into a one sided argument with my husband. You know those weeks when things happen and it's really nothing awful at all...but it's just a lot of little things and you want to say. OK, universe! Enough! Luckily I'm going to visit my dear friends in Maryland this weekend through Tuesday, so there is a very silver lining!

   I'm crabby so I feel like this post should be upbeat. We're expecting a Nor'easter today.  These are a few things I'd SO love to buy for the Fall/ Winter coming up, but I won't because I'm more mature than I was last year (lol).

Boots. I want a cute pair of boots because all I have is fake Uggs, mainly. I doubt I'd find a lot of outfits to wear these with but they look SO cozy!

Thanks to Nine West

How about a nice warm colored Betsey Johnson bag? Yes please. She's probably my favorite bag designer because nothing is run of the mill.

Betsey Johnson

   And while we're at it...these earrings would match my new job perfectly once I start it!

A steal for $40!

   Not necessarily this blazer, but I dig the semi-nautical look. I don't usually identify boats with Fall and Winter but I think this year the trend seems to be lingering past August. All aboard.

One good reason NOT to buy this. It's $498. Scoff.

   GASP! I love coats. Especially dress coats. This one is so "Mad Men". But again, Anthropologie, you're killin' me.

$498 again? Really?
   Perhaps a cozy, chunky sweater? My only issue with Winter clothing is the sleeves. I'm tall and the sleeves often times don't fit right. I'm sure this sweater (the only thing I on this list I would actually spend money on right now because it's cheap) would be too short for me, sleeve-wise.

Super cheap! 
  What do you all want ? What's on "your list"?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Diva Night

   My little sister. She rocked it last night with the group from her voice lesson instructor at Diva Night in my hometown. There's a little Italian place that allows them to set up, invite their families and friends and they perform for you as you dine. It's great practice for a burgeoning star :)

  Last night Chelsea sang one of my favorite current songs and I'd like to share it. Adele's "Someone Like You".

  Love you, Chels!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Shopping

   I had a very low key weekend, spent a lot of time by myself with iPhone. My new lady love. I named her "aPhone". The best thing so far is the pic taking capabilities! I wish I had taken pictures at the pumpkin sale but sadly I didn't know how to yet. I stopped at the legendary Stew Leonard's on Saturday morning for a much needed pumpkin for my front steps. Nothing says "Harvest" like Abba's "Dancing Queen" playing over the speakers as you pumpkin shop...right?

   You can't say that isn't a gorgeous pumpkin. If you do, you're a liar. The backside isn't as pretty. Just like our Christmas tree last year. Aaron worked all weekend so I went to the "patch" alone. I got looks. People judged me. I actually enjoyed it though because if pumpkin picking is anything like Christmas tree hunting with Aaron, I'd rather go alone. I was not raised with real trees. We had a fake one because of the cats and the needles and mess. My opinion doesn't count when we get to the tree farm. In this case, I doubt Aaron even noticed our proud little pumpkin...

Our horribly ugly front stoop.

Awesome door decor which now makes it impossible to know if there is a serial killer at my front door. Worth it.

   And the best door mat EVER. So now the front of our home is good to go. Now we needed costumes. I have mine picked but my sister did not, so we headed to the Halloween store.

Me- I want to stop at the Halloween store in town.

Chelsea- OK. What do they sell there? Costumes?

Me- What? What do they sell at the HALLOWEEN STORE?...

It only got worse from there so that's all I'll share. They had costumes, I got my wig cap and gloves for my costume. I also admired some of the amazing decor. One thing we both felt a little uneasy about though...the zombie babies.

This little number hung on a swing just above our heads. Terror evoking.

   Um eew. I am afraid to even look at this. A bit later we were headed to an event at a nearby high school and I took out aPhone to take a pic and this was the last photo I had shot and it came flashing up on the screen. Please note: I will be deleting it from my phone now. I don't know why people would want to be scared of these things in their own homes. That's like saying "Chucky is horrific. Let me bring him home. " Please don't.

   I also did eventually get tickets to see Lorraine Warren. It was awesome! Look her up if you don't know who she is!! So spooky and fun.

Happy Monday, kids.



Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Factoid Five #5

   Happy Friday to all! This week kind of flew by because work has been...weird. Let's leave it at that. Pretty happy the week is done and at some point today I will be the owner of my first ever iPhone! I'm gonna be like this kid when I finally receive it.

1. If I don't get my eyebrows waxed, I look like Brooke Shields. And not in a good way. I didn't start this process until I was probably 17 or 18 because my Mom has VERY light eyebrows and didn't ever have to! It's OK Mom. I figured it out! ha ha

Google Images
2. I HATE it when people talk over me. If I am trying to get a point across and someone interrupts over me loudly or talks over me...nothing instigates me more. I'm super competitive. Don't try me.

3. I recently checked out my Klout score. Klout is this crazy site that tells you how influential you are on the webs. My score was 45. It's now 40. Who stopped listening? Everyone is still here, and then some! The site is clearly not very intuitive because it listed my "Topics I Influence On" as "Hannah Montana, Photography and Justin Bieber". There are no words.

4. I do the robot whenever possible. Does that need an explanation? I've done it in business meetings, at restaurants, in line at the store. Whenever. Just lightens the mood. And no, I'm not good at it.

5. I read so many blogs that I have been forgetting to check My morning usually consisted of checking news, checking my FB and checking People for important celeb knowledge. I have been so intrigued by all your blogs, and blogs I found from all your blogs...I don't care about celebs as much now! You guys are my new celebs now. So hey, thanks for being awesome!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Autumn. I'm disgusting.

   Yesterday I had about 10 crackers with Nutella on them for mid-morning snack. Or "Second Breakfast" as the Hobbits say.  I ate a grilled cheese (with 2 cheeses) and fries for lunch. I got the hiccups for an hour and a half, probably due to extreme indigestion. I went to a meeting with the hiccups and everyone got a kick out of me almost vomiting, business style.

   Went back to my desk and ate 2 "snack sized" Reeses peanut butter pumpkins. Drank some water. Hiccups went away. Ate some Mentos. Felt sick again. Had a fleeting thought of Nutella and busted the near-empty jar back out. Because eating even more with sugar in it would unequivocally help.

   When I was done scraping it with the knife all I could, it looked like this:

   Cut to me deciding that it would be better if I just used a spoon, no crackers and ate it directly from the jar. Until it looked like this:

   Then my boss came back in and I had Nutella on my face.

   Then my Blackberry rebelled against me. Probably because I keep checking my tracking for the new phone ON the Blackberry. Now she knows. And she is a fickle lover. iPhone hasn't even shipped yet. BB, calm it down.

   Went home. Ordered pizza because I needed tickets to see Lorraine Warren (famed CT ghost hunter) and they were selling them at the pizza place that we've never been to. This is where things get really weird. I asked Aaron of he could pick up the pizza since it's in a nearby town on his way home. This was the convo that nearly led me to eat some more at my desk (maybe the plastic container the Nutella came in?):

Aaron: The place you said where it was. That wasn't the right place

Me: OK. I'm looking at map quest and it says it's right off 64. In Middlebury. It's just farther down.

Aaron: Maybe it on the right.

Aaron: I mean left.  (this is all very helpful at this point)

Me: OK.

Aaron: Well which is it?

Me: idk! USE THE GPS ON YOUR PHONE!!! That's what I do when I need to find something!

Aaron: Thanks dear xo

   I know. Sarcasm not so attractive on someone else. And the end result? No pizza. He couldn't "find the place" even though he has internet and GPS on his phone.

Now I'm going to eat some more peanut butter pumpkins. This whole thing stressed me out just to retype. And I feel sick thinking about the smorgasbord of crap I ate yesterday.