Thursday, August 4, 2011

Suiting up can't buy class

   "Big Chief is doin' his job. Keepin' his death claws sharp". That's what Aaron just said to Apollo, lovingly, about using his scratching post. This is probably an indicator of what kind of day this will be. Weird. Today I won't be at my desk for the normal 8 hours. I'll be in Stamford, CT at my companies branch office at a payroll seminar. Sounds fancy right? It's not. But it will be a nice treat to have a break from the everyday. Apologies to my lunch buddies...

   Aaron has a way of preparing me for something bad. I know when he's got some bad/annoying news because he starts his sentence with a hesitant "so....". Then he drops the boom. This morning he used it inappropriately for the first time since we've been an item. He was still in bed, I was rescuing Turk from the in between area of the foot board and mattress that she likes to get mixed up in.

   "So..." I wince and sit at the foot of the bed. He begins again "I was talking' to Bob Smith (our bathroom contractor) and he wants to know if we want a separate light switch for the recessed light we're putting over the tub". Guess I can retract my death claws and lay low. We then proceed to discuss the pros and cons to multiple light switches, where the outlets should go and installed towel rings. You know, the glamorous stuff. Thank God it wasn't "I was wondering if I could go to a Mets game on your birthday and leave you home..."

   Now I know I'm married. The other realization I had in the past 12 hours was driving home from work. I'm aging rapidly.  I'm sitting in the Civic at a light, suited up, per the usual. Listening the Ke$ha (I heart her) and "We R Who We R" is cranking out my stereo, yo. I am singing along (duh) and something strange stops me. I hear a high pitched "squeak" in the song that I never noticed before. This is odd because this song is on my running playlist and in my "recent downloads" playlist which I manufactured so the newer songs I want to play out after purchasing are at my lazy finger tips. This sound, kind of a "pppeeeewww", but VERY high pitched is piercing my ear drums and it's happening in the chorus. Maybe it will stop by the next verse.

   The light turns green and I begin to inch forward...the bird that was making the high pitched sounds perfectly in beat with the song swoops from the tree where he had been mocking, and soars over my windshield. Yep, it was a damn bird. I called my mother instantly to share the news. She was probably part worried and part proud. Clearly I'm joining her in "this dopey thing happened" land. Though I really thought this kind of thing didn't happen until motherhood.

   I will talk to you all later! We got the wrong sink topper so I'll be going to Lowe's myself to swap it. Stay tuned...


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  1. LOL! Joe likes to go "ummm..." like he's going to say something and then NEVER DOES. It's so weird. Plus he's kind of a pause-y talker (in, he takes lots of pauses to tell me something...his stories last forever) so even when he goes umm...I prepare to wait the 10 seconds for him to say something, and then I wait, and wait...nothing. And that picture of Turk is TO DIE FOR! I MUST meet her.