Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Googling on a Sunny Afternoon

   You know those days when you have nothing to do and you just start Googling? And one find makes you think of another, and then another? Well my mini-adventure began with trying to find a commercial I was crazy about when I was a kid. It was on the Home Alone VHS. For Pepsi. Anyone know which one I'm talking about? ($10 says my brother John does. Don't make a fool out of me, Weir). This commercial showed 2 young kids (who I recall being young preppy white children) playing with a skateboard and jiving around with their Pepsi. It was 90's perfection.

   I recall the little girl being cute, possibly with ringlets. After some moderate research, I found it! I was way off. The kids were not only more like mini- Fresh Princes, but the little girl had straight black hair, as she was African American. Oops. I guess I was thinking of THIS little girl...

   Yep. Wrong commercial. But a good one nonetheless. The one I was talking about this lovely. 
Click away and enjoy. As I searched for this I came across some other Pepsi commercials that were really awesome. I honestly LOVE a good commercial.


                                                             Old school Madonna rocks.

   And what about the delightful Sofia Vergara from recently?  Another winning commercial.

   I would like to add that I actually prefer Coke. Let me also share this recent Coke commercial that tickled m'fancy.

   I don't drink a lot of soda. Because when I do I get all rammy and excitable and those aren't good features on an already jumpy person. Maybe I need to focus less on my favorite soda commercials...

  So here is my favorite commercial of ALL TIME. 

   Something about a hunter letting his dog drive a car. I don't know. The next and last commercial makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.

   That's the meat of what I got done today. Hopefully I come home to a less menacing image than what i walked in on last night. Apparently the cats had been tousling in the living room. Apollo is a very gentle giant, compare to Turk. I'm saddened to show you the image I'm about to...

   That's Big Chief's fur. Something went terribly awry during kitty play time. When I entered, the room was silent. But both cats tails were poufed to the max. Either these cats are playing rough...or we have a ghost.. (which would be AWESOME!!!!).

*disclaimer- It was sunny when I began writing this. Now it's raining. Oh and all videos are from Youtube*

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  1. If its a ghost I am grabbing my EVP and lets get this hunt on!!!!