Monday, August 29, 2011

The Calm

   Hurricane Irene came and went. Thankfully she downgraded her anger to a tropical storm by the time she hit Connecticut. Currently a large number of residents are without power, but we were blessed to maintain our electric. Doesn't mean I didn't sit on the edge of my seat for 24 hours at each flicker of the lights during heavy winds. Aaron had to work so he spent Saturday at work and it was just me and the cats for about 24 hours. Funny how quickly you talk to yourself when you're alone.

   We had some wind damage. This picture is disturbing, I know it is. This was taken in front of our condo yesterday afternoon after the rain and wind died down.

   I kiiiid. We actually had a lot of HUGE trees fall down behind the condo which I hear throughout the course of the night and day. I was mildly concerned that one would come through our roof, but we lucked out and they all fell away from the unit.

   It was a number of large trees and many of them were very large. So again, feeling lucky today. The kitties and I braved it alone watching episodes of Modern Family and I read more of The Hunger Games (halfway through the last book!). At one point I looked over and the cats were clearly trying to tell me something. I couldn't make out what letters they were attempting to form. I think they wanted treats...

   Aaron finally made it home safe around 4. We celebrated his arrival wholeheartedly, as I hadn't seen a human in hours.

   I don't know what gang affiliation is leopard print. But He's got his colors on his bandana. Apollo also rejoiced in his father's arrival home. By curling up out of arms reach.

   Reinstitute talking to oneself as my loved ones ignore me. How did everyone fair in the storm? Hope you're all OK!!

XO Autumn Van Weir

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  1. I'm really glad those trees didnt hit the condo!!! That would have been bad...