Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why thank you, Capezio!

   Most frustrating convo I've ever had took place today between my husband and I. Via text, of course. How else would we communicate? (names changed for privacy!)

Me- Have you talked to <Bob>?
Aaron- Yah
Me- Could you please save me the stress and tell me what's up in our home at this time?
Aaron- <Smith>?
Me- I'm not asking about Bob Smith, Aaron. I'm asking about our g*ddamn contractor.
Aaron- Oh. he's there working. hell prob still be there when you or I get home. (presumably meant "he'll")

   My lunch buddies Patty and Sara thought it was a real hoot. And were probably equally scared for me.

   In normal Autumn fashion I will now point out an interesting phenomenon happening in Casa Van Weir.

This cat...

Is obsessed...

With flip flops.

  Who doesn't love a cute Summer shoe? I know I do. I just didn't realize I'd have to hide shoes from this kitten. Hopefully she won't start peeing on them...

   I now feel the need to drop some knowledge I got off Twitter today.You can get FREE ballet slippers by visiting this link at Capezio. The deal is $4.95 for shipping and they send them to you! I'm all over it. If you don't want a pair (they're FREE..maybe you didn't hear me) I'll show you mine when they come in! I enjoy a tasteful ballet slipper and really feel I can work it into my wardrobe from a casual standpoint. Or I'll wear them as slippers. I'm Excited! I was a ballerina in my younger years :)

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