Friday, August 26, 2011

Puzzling, isn't it? Literally

   "Wanna puzzle tonight". What would you think if you got a text that said that and you were married to the world's worst texter? I assume he meant pizza. He meant puzzle. Back story: my friend Jan was present when we got into an argument over who was better at putting together puzzles. I couldn't tell you how that started. Both of us being ultra-competitive (and I have the leg up on any and all trivia games) he attempted to claim the throne of puzzling. Bring. It. On.

   As part of our wedding gift Jan gave us a 1000 piece Garfield the cat puzzle. Funnily enough, we both LOVED Garfield as kids. The puzzle has been eagerly awaiting our time to have at it. Last night was that time. I wish someone had warned me what I was walking into.

   My uncertainty elevated when he called into the kitchen and asked me to bring in some "sorting bowls". Aaron is meticulous in certain things. Where I am sloppy (home improvement and apparently puzzling) he is a control freak...and vice versa. Except I seem to be a control freak in every aspect besides reno and puzzling. He will toil over the door frame where I'll say "just slap it up and paint it". It has to be perfect to him. Funny, considering he can't pick up his dirty clothes...

It took him 3 years to have this "just how he wanted it" to be ready top paint. Trim in our master for our closets.

   While we're puzzling I find out something about my husband that I never knew because it simply never came up. He used to puzzle with his Mom as a kid. And at his job when he worked as a cook in an old folks home. For like "an hour a day". Ummm, I've known this person for five years. How did he never mention "oh I did a puzzle with an old lady on lunch today"? That was his edge going into this puzzle-off with me. He has been doing intricate puzzles since he was a kid! He went in with a plan and started sorting. I guess I'm more of a "just find end pieces and go for it" type.

   So our adventure had begun. Of course the cats had to get in on it. Apparently curiosity comes into play when we aren't paying attention to them.

  We puzzled for over 2 hours. FYI- this is a tough puzzle. Jan, you got us!! After all that time (and 3/4 of the movie Saving Private Ryan) we had the outer trim done.

   Aaron then asked if we could frame it as our first puzzle together. It's times like that I remember why I love him so much :) We will most assuredly be framing our first puzzle together.

XO Mrs. Van Puzzler


  1. Haha, that's cute! He sounds like me! I love puzzles and I'm all about sorting them. I haven't done one in ages, but now I've got the urge to go puzzle shopping! lol

  2. We were SUCH nerds. We go so into it that suddenly it was like 11:00 and I was yawning! DO IT!!! It really was fun!