Friday, August 5, 2011

I hate when people say "TGIF" aloud

   Friday. It's Friday, late afternoon and I'm greatly excited by the weekend to come. But I refuse to walk around saying "TGIF!" to people. Can we stop being a corporate drone for one moment and have an actual convo? No? Ok then, see you Monday when you'll say "Ugh, Monday already!" I'm on a tangent now though... Anyway, methinks I'll get up, go for a run in the morn. Take Apollo to the vet for a "well cat" visit (yes, that's a real thing), get that bathroom started and then head off to my friend Lisa's pool party! Then Sunday I'll be citywalkin' down in NY with my friend Erica. Don't worry, there will be pictorial accounts of all events.

Yay bathroom!!!

   I go to a medical practice where they have automated phone messages reminding you to get a physical. I had been ignoring them the past couple years because I assumed 27 wasn't old enough for that. Then I went to see an allergist (to confirm I was NOT allergic to a thing besides horses) and he gasped when I told him I hadn't had blood drawn recently. Really? I gave blood to the Red Cross. Does that count? No, it doesn't. This got me thinking about health. Is the older generation less healthy because they didn't have cell phones and automated "please schedule your physical, oldy" voice mails? My Grandmother certainly didn't visit her doctor at the drop of a hat. Either we're crazy and more afraid, or we're just more careful. Not sure yet.

   Calling the doctor's office was a real treat. They couldn't find me in the system, which is impossible because I was a hypochondriac from 2001-2006. Everything was always wrong. Finally the chick finds me and I say "oh and I need to change my name. I got married" hahaha. Poor simpleton. We begin the journey of finding an open slot for me to see the doc. Naturally you can't just come in for a regular visit. If you label it a physical, it's only allowed certain times of the day and certain days. I basically had to chose from midnight on a Sunday or 9 pm, but only every 3rd month of the year when we're in the year of the Rooster on the Chinese Zodiac. I landed on October 19th at 5 pm. yes, 2 and a half months from today, roughly. Insanity. I tell a co-worker and his reply was "geez, you'll be dead by then". Word.

It's Friday, lighten up. Go home and drink or something. I will be going home to watch a fave before Aaron comes home and makes me watch ESPN. I also like to review this film now and then so I don't lose my touch.

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