Monday, August 8, 2011

Historical Home Faux-Shopping

   I've ranted about my bathroom hi jinx enough for one day. Allow me to touch upon my weekend a bit more now. For starters, I went for a run at 6:15 on Saturday morning. Weather was still cool and not humid. Perfect conditions. I truly love the town where I live, Woodbury, CT. It's filled with antique, history soaked homes. If you jog down main street in Woodbury you are jogging down a lesson in colonial times known as "Historic District No 1". As mentioned here  I'm terrified to own one of these amazing homes. Also concerned that Aaron will constantly knock himself unconscious when going from room to room. People were a lot smaller back then...

  I wandered and admired some of my favorites. I am a huge fan of American History and love that I live in a town that is steeped in it. Almost every home on Main Street is part of the Historic Registry and was built before 1800.

   Also many of these homes are no longer lived in...but galleries and antique shops. I live about 2 miles off the Antique trail of Connecticut that people travel all over the country to come to. I've been in ONE antique shop since I moved here. If it weren't for Aaron telling me we have too much "stuff" I'd probably antique shop a bit more. Oh and if I was rich, too.

   I discovered a home for sale that was a mere $249,000. I imagine that is code for "this is the house you're afraid of". But the charm is overwhelming!! And it's right on the Woodbury green. Sigh. I know. I'll just focus on my bathroom. Shut up.

   Mid-jog I tried to adjust my ponytail and the worst thing that can happen during a run (besides getting hit by a car, I imagine) occurred.

Hair tie= Broken. So I ghetto fixed it. Ingenuity.

   I came home to my husband who was scurrying to get the bathroom ready for renovations (little did I know that meant "nothing"). I opened the door to the basement and the normal sight is piles of Aaron's chef  coats, dirty work pants and softball gear. He likes to toss it down the stairs and I like to ignore it. I only process laundry that's in the laundry bin or brought right to the laundry room...I was greeted with only the litter box for Ms. Pee Pee. (We're in the process of slowly moving it downstairs by Apollo's)

   Oh my God! He loves me! He moved his laundry! *tear* Praise be to this day!! I think as I round the corner to the basement.

And back down to earth...There it all is.

   I guess everyone has their own cleaning style. Mine is to actually do it. Hopefully I'll get home to a partially worked on bathroom. The guy should be at the condo now working. Everyone cross your fingers and toes for me! I'll leave you with my final image of NY yesterday...

I don't feel I have to add a descript to this.

Later! XO Autumn Van Weir

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  1. Two things.....One...I LOVE EVERYONE OF THOSE HOUSES! Just because the price is low doesnt make it scary. Just means more room to put your taste in the home. aka NEEDS A LOT OF WORK! I love that colonial greens and yellows they do on historic homes. (I can go on for hours about this) and Two.....HEY IT TAKES A REAL MAN TO WEAR A KILT!!!! LOL! At least his Harley shirt is almost in the same color family as the kilt so it looks like he at least tried to match and make a full outfit. It actually looks like the material of mine when I was in Brigadoon. (Another story for another day!)