Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Project...shudder

   It is my obligation to share this video that was sent to me by my friend Sara.

   I nearly died after I teared up and then got myself under control. It's just too much.

   Anyway...For dinner tonight I will be attempting German potato salad with Kielbasa. Kind of excited about that. I'm all about the potato salad. Stay tuned for that! I have been told that Bob Smith will be at the house tonight after work. We'll see about that. I'll keep an open mind (false) and think threatening good thoughts. Maybe I'll get home and the backing of the shower will be installed? Or at least be removed from it's box? Haha I kid.

   You're probably all wondering why I was late this morning with my post. Simply put, I was involved in another condo sh*t storm which after much work, was righted. Our condo roofing was flawed. Built in the 1980s very cheaply, it couldn't withhold all the ice that was unleashed on the North East this winter. So it built up and leaked and dripped and stained etc.

That damage above has been fixed already by the associations insurance provider.

   I spared you. I have other pictures of ceiling damage that look like reproductive parts. You're welcome. Ceiling was fixed when we came home from our honeymoon. The insurance adjuster guy has been my phone pal. I call him every Friday because the original word I was given was "we'll cover your bedroom carpet, but not living room". There was damage up there too, but the living room was FAR worse! Apollo would try and jump into the bins where the water was dripping. I was terrified of coming home to a soggy wet cat.

  This has been a battle of the wills. I'm a Leo. I promise my will is stronger. After months, Al, my insurance buddy came over this morning and we met face to face. He has agreed to cover the living room too! Which means...another project for me to panic about. Re-carpeting the hall, stairs, spare room and then insurance will pay for living and master rooms. I'm excited about the carpet being new. Mainly because we still get golden retriever hair out of our carpet. Reminder: we don't have a golden retriever...

   We got a more expensive carpet covered because of our fancy-style beige block design carpet now (score!). We're going with a darker color so hopefully only cat hair will show and not all the other crap we don't vacuum up daily. It's been an uphill battle, but the guy I worked with was really very kind. He told me he is signing off because I was so easy to work with. Had him fooled...

                                 After much battling, we landed on this carpet for the entire condo:

     HAHAHA just kidding. I freakin' wish. Aaron wouldn't even let me near the animal prints. I can't find our exact carpet (hopefully that means it's bootleg) We went with this plain old hag of a carpet.

   It's a mocha brown-ish color and it has a more low key "check" than this one does.  This is the general idea though. I know you're dying to know more about the carpet. Hope the drapes match...

XO Autumn Van Fleer

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  1. Hope the drapes match! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Look at your condo getting an overhaul! It will be "like" new before you know it! You are lucky that you got a good insurance adjuster. Most are pains and don't want to budge on anything.