Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shoe Repair

    Pet peeve. Don't post your store hours at 9-6 pm and then go home early when you're running a Mom and Pop. You will annoy/lose customers. I have been to a local shoe repair shop 3 times now to attempt to get my sexy Nine West pump repaired. I wore them once. Who ever said you shouldn't tap dance in pumps was right. I'm totally messing with you. But I really did just casually lean one foot on the heel while I was on the phone standing at my desk and the heel came loose. I generally love Nine West for my work shoes. I have to wear a suit and they are trendy and dressy at the same time, often. These things just snapped.

   I have been to the same shop anywhere between 5 and 6 post-work and anticipated being able to walk in and get my shoe fixed "while I wait", per their sign. The first day it was 6:05 so I understood why they were closed. The second, late last week, I went at 5:48 and they were already shut down. The sign clearly says 6pm! So I try again. I go last night on my way home and of course there's a sign on the door "Will be closed Monday Aug 22nd" in scrawly handwriting. Hi, I'm Autumn, and I can't win.

                                                 So what did I find when I got home?...

     Guess what arrived!? My Jewelmint purchase!! Everybody let me know what pieces they liked more back here. So with my awesome discount code and $14.99 out of my pocket I was excited to see what that got me. I must say the packaging alone sold me on this company. It was expertly crafted! The box was so pleasing to the eye and to find the message inside about my piece was fun.

   A velvet bag holding my surprise greeted me after I wrassled open the box. The top of the box had a little blurb about the piece I had chosen and a thanks from the owners.

And there it was! My ring bracelet!

   I'm super pleased with it and would recommend Jewelmint to anyone! I ran to find the cats to celebrate.

And there was Turk. In a pair of Aaron's shorts. A pants puddling cat. That's not too weird.

She made herself at home and I excused myself...

  XO Autumn Van Weir


  1. Your kitty is SOOOOOOOOOO cute! And stunning bracelet babe!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  2. That is really frustrating when store owners don't keep their own hours!!

    But your new purchases are lovely and your kitten is too darn cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I have that bracelet too! and your cat is adorable! ;)


  4. Thanks to all!! She is a cute little handful.

    Lisa I can't believe you have the same bracelet! Good taste ;)

  5. #1. I love Turk. She is so cute I cannot stand it.
    #2. The shoe repair place in the mall is good and quick. And they keep Mall hours. You just have to pay in cash. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing, looks like a nice place. I need to find a good place like this for leather shoe repair in Lasalle, IL!