Monday, August 22, 2011

Judgy McHater

   Something that I saw the other day that bugged me. A 80- something year old couple walking down the sidewalks on the antiqued streets of Woodbury, Connecticut. Walking their new Labrador puppy. Really? Is it fair to adopt/buy a puppy that you can't run and play with? And in your 80's is it really time to start adopting new pets? Struck me as kind of odd and not appropriate. That's like adopting a kid when you're in your 60's (or your 90's...Zsa Zsa, I'm talking to you! ). So while I see that companionship at at old age is needed, maybe get a cat or some fish? Less work and doesn't need to be run around or walked in the dead of winter. What did I say to this couple you ask? "Oh wow, what a cute little guy!" and kept walking. I also opted out of telling the wife that maybe mini-shorts in day glo pink wasn't a great look for her.

   The shorts weren't actually that short. I'm lying. But it was gross nonetheless. I was already Judgy McHater by that point so it really didn't matter.

   I have been doing some more shower curtain hunting. I found a few I "like" but I'm not sold on. You all can see the bath ensemble I chose here. I was toying with several shower curtains and just stumbled across a couple more.
Something "on theme"? But maybe not so exciting...

Something simple and white with some texture?

Or this beauty? It has that Madrid style pattern, has my blue colors and I adore stripes of any kind. Thoughts? I'm considering leaving Aaron for this shower curtain. I don't know...I'm kind of in love.

   I'm going to go with a plain towel I think, rather than my original designed towel. It's just easier and then I can swap them around. The tub is white, of course, which you've seen in a number of past posts. Everything else will be somewhat neutral.

   Have you ever discovered that you had a cut on your finger after dipping your hand in a snack-sized bag of Fritos? That's what I did today. I was also informed that my blog exists "because of Aaron". That he "is my blog". He still hasn't read this blog at all. He claims he doesn't know how to "log in". I certainly already explained that you don't "log in" to websites. That was a fruitful convo. Any ideas on how to get him to read it?


  1. i got a cute one at target! they have some fun styles

    love from San Francisco,

  2. I vote the last curtain! So rich and colorful. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond after weeks of hunting!

  3. Tell Aaron it's about boobs. Then he'll read it. :o)

  4. Capital Barbie- I agree! I think I'm just gonna go for it and order it today!

    JHoff- I SHOULD! then I'll post a pic of his "boobs mug" to lure him off the scent.

    Britt + Whit- I think I'm going with target! Too bad it was the LAST place I thought to look and that's where I found one!

  5. And now that I know how to comment on your blog....LOL!! I have a matching bath accessory to your first curtain choice. I think it's lovely. :)