Monday, August 22, 2011

The gross thing on my dress

   Some of you may have noticed I posted pics from the wonderful wedding this Saturday...but none with me in them. Weird, right? No. I wanted to make you all wait. I wouldn't even tell my 13 year old cousin, Lea, what I chose to do.

   Let me begin by saying that there is nothing like being in a hotel by yourself. It's so peaceful and relaxing. I sat on a fresh bed, Kindle in hand and housed a Subway turkey, bacon and avocado 6 incher. Then I took a nap. It was just amazing. The room was the prefect temperature and sunny. I was in my glory! It was nice considering I couldn't sleep well, though I had my bed at home to myself because my husband was with his BFFs pre-wedding. I was up at 5 that morning (Probably residual anxiety from my own wedding planning). Then I got ready in the hotel and pretended I was a hollywood starlet.

   The final outcome. I took a few pics of myself and then my mother did as well when I stopped at her house between the church and hall. Did I go curly or straight? The answer is both. By the end of the rehearsal my hair was a curly ball of FRIZZ. So I blew it straight and then curled it!

  I was happy with the results and thank you all so much for weighing in! It was brought to my attention by a friend that the short hair straight pics weren't awesome. So I think the curl was the biased vote. 

   The wedding was beautiful. The bride looked like Cinderella, the groom let all his guys wear ball caps to the reception. There was a DJ and live acoustic singers to perform the country version of "Heaven". It was all very pleasing and personal to the bride and groom's tastes. My Aaron did the best man speech which he had spent hours preparing.

   I forgot to bring in the photo booth pictures we all took. That was the party favor and it was SO MUCH FUN! It was a great night and congratulations to Wes + Kelly!

   The down side to the black dress I wore. It was like wearing PJs and I loved how it looked. However, on the ride back to the hotel in the shuttle Aaron dumped all his luggage on my lap so he could get in. We then just left it there. Upon entering the elevator my sister in law, Laura screeches and points at the front of my dress. "What's ON you?" I look down and to my horror there is a baby slug sliming around the front of my beautiful dress. Aaron flicked it off and it landed on the door to the elevator. Everyone got a real kick out of it appearing and disappearing each time the door opened.

Hello Sluggy. Brought to you by Sanrio.

   The grossest part was his remnants that he left on my new dress. I'm mortified to walk into my cleaners and say "Hi, can you get slug off my dress?"

   Freaking disgusting. I tried to wash it off with cold water yesterday and it just reactivated the slime components and it went everywhere. I will never feel bad again if I step on a slug in my walkway outside the condo  after a rain storm.

   XO    Autumn Van Weir


  1. well, minus the slug, it looks like a great time. your hair turned out great!

  2. First of all I LOVE your hair!! Secondly I don't buy the slug slime story on the dress. We all really know what happened. I'll just call you Monica....hahaha JK! :)

  3. I totally would have taken a pic of the slug ON my dress but I was too busy FREAKING out!! lol It was SO disgusting.

  4. Oh my goodness, ewwww!!! That would freak me out! But on the bright side, your hair is super cute and despite the slime, the dress is gorgeous!

  5. Thanks Tiffany!! I am so scared I'm going to have PTSD now and everytime I see the dress I'll have flashbacks HAHAHA

  6. The dress/shoe combo is amazing!!! And the slug?? GROSS!!! At least it wasn't a spider??

  7. I have to agree with Michelle on everything! Thank god it wasn't spider! I love that you went with both curly and straight! Seriously girl....You looked amazing! I am jealous! I hope that when I grow up I am as pretty as you are! :o) Or at least be able to pull off that smoking dress!

  8. Hahahaha...slug isn't the worst thing a dry cleaner has gotten out of a dress, I'm sure! Loved the dress and hair, lady!