About Me

   The "about me" section.  It's the first thing I go to when I read a blog post I enjoy and want to know more about the crazy character who wrote it. So I am here to tell you that I may be a little crazy...but in a good way. Like Phoebe from "Friends". Except I wear a suit to work everyday because I work in a security office. And I don't massage people for money.
   I met my husband, Aaron, when we were both selected to be in a bridal party of mutual friends. I chose him to be my partner because he was good looking and over 6'6. I am 5'10, so there was really no question in it for me. Little did we know we were going to partners in more than just a wedding party! (I meant "in life", perverts)
   To sum it up in few words, we met, dated for a while, bought a condo together, broke up, got back together, got engaged, adopted/purchased the cat-love of our lives, Apollo, and then got married. Now we're working on the "living happily ever after" part. So far, so good. Our newest addition is spunky little Turk, Apollo's cat-sister.

  Oh...and my parents are professional photographers... you will  often see pictures. Life is better with visual aids. Right? Thanks for visiting me!