Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What have I seen?

   Everyone's a movie critic. I posted the status "I've never see Goonies" on Facebook and ended up with 26 comments. Most of them were hate mail (lol). But I still love every one of you! And I will see Goonies. You have my blogger-word!! My intentions with this post is to sock it to all of you. I have compiled my top ten favorite movies/series of all time and would like to know who has/hasn't seen what. These are in no particular order. I love them all like family. There are many more, this is not exhaustive, but a nice top 10 is a clean list. Does not include Disney cartoons, I opted for live actions only in this list. (All footage from youtube. )

1. Clueless- I quote it regularly. Right before the wedding Aaron and I watched it on a Saturday night. I guess we hadn't ever seen it together so he didn't know I could say nearly every line along with the cast. Oops. It's OK. He still married me.

You all know there is nothing funnier than when someone falls down. May she rest in peace...

2. 16 Candles- Arguably if these were numbered, this one would be at the top. This is my Goonies. If someone hasn't seen it I look at them like they're insane. Molly Ringwald, 80s music and a geek. Where is the basis your argument that this isn't one of the greatest movies ever? Non existent.

3. Clifford- A Martin Short classic. I was introduced to it in high school by a friend. I can still put this movie on and laugh myself into a stupor. This is a little known film, so I doubt most of you have seen it. But I'd highly recommend it.

OMG. I can't even watch this clip without getting giddy. Please. If you can find this on TV or Netflix or anything. Do yourself the favor. Watch it.

4. Christmas Vacation- Watchable 356 days a year. Both a Christmas classic and a golden comedy. My family quotes this as if it were real life. "haha like when the squirrel was in the Christmas tree". Except that happened to the Griswolds. Not us. Another movie I can basically "perform".

I am also a HUGE fan of Vacation, the original. But the Christmas version is just a tad more fun, thereby earning it a top 10 spot.

5. Signs- M. Night Shyamalan. A master writer and director. This film is my favorite of his, but I honestly love all of them. This particular film is about aliens (natch) and I lean towards thinking it's a very close-to-real account of how the average American would survive and alien attack. It's fantasy, yes. But I just love the characters, the plot, the ending. It also includes Joaquin Phoenix before he became a laughingstock rapper (please come back, Joaquin!) All of it. M. Night, you had me at "I see dead people".

AHHH! Best clip EVER. Fun fact- Mr. Shyamalan does a cameo in every one of his films. No, I am not insinuating that the alien seen in the above footage is Mr. Shyamalan.

6. Forrest Gump- I have yet to meet someone who hasn't seen this. I have talked to insane people who didn't like it. It's a story about history, masked in a slow man's tale. I love Tom Hanks, I love that he was able to make this role so real and believable. There is NOTHING about this film I can say I dislike. I remember seeing it in theaters for Janice's birthday. Her mom asked me not to swear in the theater. We were, what? 13? So I associate this film with Jan and my early onset attitude.

I went with the trailer on some of these because they are more poignant that choosing one scene. How do you watch the Forrest Gump trailer and not tear up? Are you a robot?

7. Dumb and Dumber- One of the first films I saw in the theater without parents. Of course with Janice! I can perform most of this one for you too. I quote it in everyday daily. Hilarious, a winning comedic team, stupid plot but executed brilliantly. My favorite comedy, and that title will never be replaced.

8. Lord of the Rings Trilogy- Can't pick a favorite. Adore this series. Haven't read the books. Don;t plan on reading them. My brother had to twist my arm to get me to watch them because I fought it. If it's popular, I'll rebel and not want to be involved (the Titanic effect, as I call it). Big mistake as this is one of the most well made film/s I have ever encountered. Visual masterpiece. And Orlando Bloom is a hot elf.

9. Big Fish- This movie didn't get a lot of attention. Another lesser known film that I think is wonderful. Touching story, fun cast, imaginative. And it's one of the few movies I cry every time I watch. I'm not a typical movie-cryer.

It's a good story and you'll cry, but feel good at the same time.

10. Seven-  I love a good serial killer flick. I own several encyclopedias of serial killers. I took a lot of gruesome classes in college over the course of obtaining a pre-law degree. This film is one of my favorites because of the continuity of the crimes and the overall reasoning behind them. It's creepily fascinating and they don't hold back on the crime scene footage. It doesn't have any real "slashing" scenes in it, which I prefer. My stomach has weakened with age, I guess. Let me see the after effects, but not the actual murder.

I've opted to not include a clip because you all won't want to see it! But you can Youtube it!

Those are my favorites as they stand now. There were a few I debated on adding and then replaced. Maybe some time I'll do a follow up 10 haha.

XO Autumn Van Weir


  1. Dumb and Dumber is one of my fav comedies... and I love Big Fish, "I'm drying out!". Had to buy that one on DVD. I must rent Clifford only one on your list I've never seen!

  2. I'm very dissapointed that Napoleon Dynamite is not on here! Greatest movie of ALL time!!

  3. I haven't seen Clifford or 16 Candles! Eesh!! I better get on that or I'll be on your black list forever! lol

  4. I enjoy that Dumb and Dumber AND FG make you think of me. Ace Ventura does that for me about you also. :o) My mom asked you not to swear in the theater?? Lmao...

  5. Tiffany, I'll grant you some time to get those movies watched. 16 candles is the big one. lol
    Seriously though! They're both so fun! You'll enjoy them!

    Janny, yes! you're mom said "now lets all watch our language" and glared at me!

  6. Shannonm, Clifford is SO FREAKING FUNNT!!! def rent it!

  7. Ok, here goes nothin'....I have not seen 16 Candles, Clifford, or any scary movie you mentioned in this post. I just don't watch scary movies, so you can't convince me there. BUT, I do like the Brat Pack and have seen The Breakfast Club, so I should get on watching 16 Candles. I saw Dumb and Dumber in the theater as well! :)