Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some Christmas cheer

A little Christmas beauty to share! The new job is awesome, I love it! It keeps me far busier than I could have imagined. But I'm very happy!

Here's a couple shots to show you what our Christmas looks like this year!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Brat

Turk. The mini-apple of my eye. She's taken an interest in peeing in the sink again. She jumps up onto places she doesn't belong and knocks things over or gets stuck and cries for help. My little crazy sunshine!

We were settling in for the night. I have on my nightstand the same items as always to promote m'sleep. Mouth guard, water, remote and eye mask. In slow motion, I watched Turk hop up on my nightstand... Grab a mouthful of tissue and eye mask and RUN. We have yet to find it. Again, now we know why baby animals are so damn cute.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Llama

I kicked off the Christmas season by littering my fall decor with a new addition to my Christmas crap. My sister instantly hated him. Maybe it was the jingling bell I followed her around TJ Maxx with round it's neck? Maybe it was the jovial look on the creatures face?

Probably not. It's more than likely because I don't know what sound a llama makes and I ad-libbed. Not well revived. They don't groan or baa.

I've also already found Clarence on the floor twice. Turk has it out for him as well. And his name shall be called Clarence.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Five

It's Friday! I've completed my first week at my promoted role!

1. I love this job. The office is great, it's a wonderful team and I fully enjoy the work day!

2. I try to drive around every day after work to learn my new area/towns. I really only knew Western CT. Turns out there's quite a but more state over here.

3. I stepped on Turk's tail in the bathroom this morning. She shrieked, I felt terrible. She's just so small! Aaron said I'm not a great cat- mom. Thaaaanks.

4. I'm going to see Twilight tomorrow with my mom & sis. I'm excited and curious to see what they do. I've totally wondered what they'll do with creative license. I'm MORE excited for Hunger Games next year though....

5. My office. I'm struggling to decorate. I found one nice "art piece" and all my lady office coworkers love it. The men? All noticed that its defective. The canvas is actually attached to the wooden frame crooked. Splendid. But I still love it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is it time?

I'm all for Christmas decor. I LOVE Christmas more than anyone I know. And the day after Thanksgiving, I say go for it! Decorate it up. But not yet. Not the week before T-Giving when you still have PUMPKINS on your doorstep! The first photo is the quad bitch in my complex. She is the one who knocks on your door when your car is a centimeter over the line in your spot. She was decorated the day after Halloween. Yep. #2 is "smoking man". No he wasn't on X Files. He just smokes on his front stoop constantly. Someday I'll tell you about "the whistler"...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A picture story

I'm going to tell you a story. You may fill in the blanks as I will only be speaking through pictures. It begins with a broken scratching post. And the shock that some assembly may be required.

(I call this picture "Oh Damnit")

Monday, November 14, 2011

The People's Princess

Two things. 1- my first day was AWESOME!!! I have an office with windows. Nuff said. Oh and I set of the security alarms on my way in. "hi, nice to meet you. Sorry I brought the police in with me." lol

2- I. Saw. Princess. Diana's. Wedding gown yesterday. My hub surprised me and suggested we go yesterday! Off to Foxwoods casino we went. The dress is breathtaking. There was 2 tiaras on display, jewels from the Spencer family and 28 of Diana's other gowns. I am a lover of the Princess... So it was an amazing treat! So was the buffet.

Friday, November 11, 2011


   Turns out today is my lucky day!! Not only is it awesome that it's 11.11.11 today...but I am now an official manager with my company. Starting TODAY! Thank you all for your patience in the last 2 weeks as I trained my replacement. Now bear with me as I learn an entire new role.

   My husband is  currently yelling at Apollo for only snuggling with him for 10 minutes this morning. Now he's threatening to shave him as punishment. They have an odd relationship.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Highway travel

I'm not sure where to begin. Nothing about the following photos gave me reassurance or that warm fuzzy feeling that I'm NOT about to die. Please- if you have a truck, understand that it does not give you license to do this:

Temptress of Fate

   After the hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes and blizzards this year we had only lost power once and it was when the tornado hit at home while we were on our honeymoon. We felt safe. This condo complex just never loses power. In a ballsy mood I walked by the camping section at Target and Walmart with my nose in the air. Then the blizzard of October taught me a lesson. JUST BUY THE STUFF YOU NEED.

   We ended up using a dangerous, albeit helpful oil lantern which I was positive the cats would knock over. They didn't. But learning my lesson, I didn't want to tempt fate. The power could go out again and my cats are infamous for sticking their faces in candles and burning off whiskers...and knocking things over. I had 3 reasons now. I also really like grilled cheese and couldn't have it when I needed it most. Enter: Walmart online.

Upon arrival both  cats inspected the package for correct item number and damage. All clear.

There she is. My "bigger than I needed or expected but only $24.99" camping stove. Grilled cheese, you will be mine if the power EVER goes out again. If I have bread and cheese...

LED lantern. Extra batteries...and my favorite...a Red Cross WIND UP FLASHLIGHT. What? Can't find batteries? Aaron used them all for every remote in this place? No worries. I'll lead the way.

I kind of want to use them instead of lights. But that would really defeat the purpose should the power fail again I suppose. Well folks, tomorrow if my last day at my current job. Training my replacement is almost done and I'll be saying my goodbyes. It's always bittersweet. I am pumped to start my new job on Friday though!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Blackened Tilapia and Jalapeno slaw

   I've cooked it before. It's been passed down from cousin to cousin (Lies. It's from my cousin Natalie. Though I have given it to a couple friends). I never did pass it on to all of you. I made it for the first time in a while and took some pics to illustrate. Lord knows you don't want a recipe without pics. I like to imagine this one is healthy, so follow along in my fantasty land. I've subbed out some of this stuff for stuff I prefer....or had floating in the house.

  • 2  Tilapia fillets
  • 2 scallions, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 cup mayo
  • 2 tbsp brown spicy mustard
  • 2 tbsp pickled jalapenos and 1/2 tsp juice from jar
  • 1 tbsp dill pickle juice from jar
  • 2  cups of shredded iceberg lettuce
  • Blackening spice (instructions for that concoction below)

Blackening Spice:

3 tablespoons smoked paprika

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp onion powder

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp cayenne pepper (Natalie says you can also use chili powder. But I prefer the burn.)

1 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp garlic powder

Combine scallions, mayo, mustard, jalapenos, and juice from jalapenos and pickles in a bowl and set aside. Add lettuce to this mixture to make slaw when you are ready to assemble sandwiches. If you add it too early the lettuce will become soggy.

Coat Tilapia fillets with spice mixture and fry in olive oil for about 4 minutes on either side until blackened.


They make stores now that are exclusively for the sale of socks! Just in time because 3/4 of my socks just appeared with holes in them this year. Very sad. But this store made up for it.

And yes, I bought many pairs. As did my sister. Really made our day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

You can't have it all

Whoever said "You can't have it all" is right. How do I know this is accurate? I finally got a start date for my new job, which was 7 weeks in the making. So excited! Got our power back. Beyond wonderful to be able to shower in my own home again. Threw a nice birthday breakfast for my boss and it went beautifully. Everything is on track!

Then it hit. Nope, I hit. The car in front of me. On the highway entrance ramp. Oh and the best part is she works for the company I am contracted for right now. Embarrassing to the max. Yes, people say that still. The woman I hit was amazing and calm and refused to even take my info (Relax, parents. I demanded she take my name and extension should she get home and find damage). Fingers crossed the only damage was to my car. But really, universe? Couldn't just say "Good job, kid. Here's that bone I've been meaning to throw you" lol. Drive carefully, folks.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Power up

Phone call from my husband. The "how I found out the power was on" call. I'm at my friend Sara's watching her react to episodes of Mad Men I've already seen (almost more entertaining than the show, believe it or not).

Phone rings:

Aaron: Hey! I think we got power back.

Aaron: Well Bea (his mother) said she saw some utility trucks.

Me: (Pause) Um.....OK. But... is Bea home? I assume she told you if she has power and you aren't basing this on a couple trucks...?

Aaron: Oh and she called her house and the answering machine came on.

Me: (Eye roll) Well you probably should have used that as your first example, I'm thinking.

Aaron: Yeah. And that some people I know who live in our complex said the power was on in their units.

Me: That also could have been your opener... no?

Aaron: (silence). Are you on your way home?

It's safe to assume a legal career in litigation will never be in the cards for my husband. At least I got a laugh and news that we have power again! We can stop watching "The Day After Tomorrow" over and over again for "warning signs" now I guess.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


   There's a lot going on. I am training my replacement at work, I have no power or internet cell service at home (thanks for nothing aPhone) and we are pretty cold at night. So bear with me! I'll be back, but I'm laying low because of all the stuff going on I have really NOTHING interesting or funny at the moment! Miss you all!


And we celebrated Aaron's 29th birthday. I had share since I made the cake myself and then doctored up the pic on the aPhone.

Hope none of you are without power! It sucks! Thankfully we have friends who are allowing us to bask in the warmth of their homes and showers!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The day after tomorrow

   The end of the world as we know it. That's a lie. But I am without power and lights etc. We fought that by watching "The Day After Tomorrow" last night on my fully charged laptop. It's all a little too familiar...floods, hurricanes, heavy and quick snow storms...tornadoes! My husband said last night "well we've had an exciting 5 months of marriage so far!" and he's right! Lord only knows what will happens next!

   Until then we are sleeping on the floor in the living room next to the fireplace to stay warm. Cats included. Showered at work last night. All I could think of was it was Halloween and how someone could come in and murder me and it would take my guards a while to notice. I'd be showering carelessly, enjoying the warm water. The lights would go out. "Hello? Is anyone there? Someone's in here!" No answer. A shrouded figure appears...Shudder. It didn't help matters that I put a brown hoodie up over one of the doors and it looked like a hooded figure through the glass door. Duh, Autumn.

Fingers crossed when I drive home tonight some of this will be cleaned up:

OK but that one is no complaints!

Minus that whole "end of the world" fear...

I hope all of you have power and are staying warm!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Well us losers in CT ended up with about 7-15 inches of blizzard this Saturday. I was at a baby shower for my friend Sara and it had just begun to come down as we arrived. 2 hours later?

Totally insanity.

It was awful the shower had to be cut short.

However, 2 short hours later, it was doing this:

Bah humbug, I mean, Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Well I'M not gonna be the one to tell him he can't sit that close to the fire! We have no heat!

Friday, October 28, 2011

FALL-ing out of line

   Say WHAT? Snow and freezing rain last night AND forecasted for the weekend. What happened to October and November, CT Weather Fairy? You're a tool. If I don't get to wear my Halloween costume because of snow...

And the fog around the moat...I mean the "lake" by our condos.

   I don't mind cold. If it's warm inside (Read: when my husband turns the heat on.) I nearly expired in the shower this morning. I couldn't stand the half of my body that wasn't under the hot stream of water as the air was frigid. I started to think there was an angry ghost in my bathroom (Creeper. Watchin' me shower). "When they get angry, it gets cold...." (Sixth Sense reference).

   I guess it's not only the weather that's ready for Winter. It's also, drumroll...Christmas Tree Shop! Here is a new take on candy corn. For the love of god...

   Not only is is snowing in October, but we have now turned a popular Halloween treat into a Christmas delight. We did some other scouring, naturally. There's a lot to look at in this mish-mash of weirdness discounted oddities.

I got 2 instant compliments the second this hate grazed my scalp. Probably wouldn't make a lot of sense for me to wear a Hannukah hat to church for Christmas Eve service though. So I passed.

Mom. Insisting that 25 cent soup is "just as good" as $4 soup from the regular store. She bought it. I have no doubts she'll keep us all posted. We then headed over to the mall to shop for my husband's birthday. 29. So young, so fragile. I think he needs...

Yes. That, my friends, is a beaver head rest. For travel. because who DOESN'T need this? I didn't buy it, relax. I knew Aaron didn't need a beaver head rest. That's why we got Apollo.

Have a wonderful Friday, friends! Happy birthday, Aaron :) xo

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Falling down stairs

  This is a literal post. I'm not trying to be coy or funny. Those just come naturally. This post is to tell you all that I wouldn't ask if my own husband was OK if he fell down the stairs. I know this to be true because it occurred. I'm not proud of it.

   Imagine a guy who is 6'7 slipping and falling down stairs. Then imagine that he doesn't get injured and you don't actually see it. You only HEAR it. This has happened before and I have to say it's a joke as old as time. It will never get old. He was mildly annoyed that I had a 10 minute laughing fit before asking if he was OK. I tried to pawn it off as wifely intuition. He would have none of that. Oh well. At least I got a good chuckle in.

   This morning when we headed downstairs (husband and cats) to get ready to go to work and eat our cat food (respectively) there was the strangest sound coming from the outside. Or so I thought. It sounded like someone's dryer had a loose something or other and was squealing. Aaron opened the door to the basement (which is funny b/c there is an open "cat hole" so they can come and go freely) and it got louder. Naturally I assumed it was our dryer. Don't ask me who I thought was doing laundry at 6 am.

   He continued down the stairs, cats in tow. Something was clearly up as the cats were ignoring their meals and it's usually the "end of the world" as they wait to be fed. A mole. There was a mole. Running for it's life. I felt we should save him since Apollo has become quite the mouser.  Aaron says "grab them!" and runs down stairs with puffy gloves on.

   I rushed the 2 hunters upstairs. Turk escaped before I even had the door shut all the way to my bedroom.
I got her back, scooped up Apollo and sat waiting for Aaron to chase a blind mole around our basement.

   Saved from certain death, the mole was released back into the wild. Well...the condo complex mini-lawn.

Would you want this to be the last face you ever saw?