Thursday, August 25, 2011

Broken umbrella

   Last night I heard the unmistakable rustling under my bed of  a cat getting into something she doesn't belong in. Feeling lazy and being mid-chapter of The Hunger Games, I let it slide. This was an error. I am past the days of hoarding keepsake items. I don't save vacation plane tickets anymore. Old theme park passes saw a dumpster years ago. Something about being in my own home and having a need for less clutter. What good do these items do anyhow?  You look at them, say "Wow, that was fun" and then you put it down? That's why we take pictures, folks.

   On my honeymoon cruise to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau I kept just a few items of sentiment. The note cards that came with the rose, prosecco, cake and candies from Janice, Jason and Lisa (thanks again you guys!). Our tickets from the Sting Ray Adventure that I chickened out of and Aaron did without me.

Photo taken safely from the docks

   One of my favorite tokens was the umbrella from the first drink of our honeymoon. A delicious pina colada from the pool side bar on the Carnival Miracle. I felt sentimental about that umbrella. So I snagged it and tossed it into my new Vera Bradley clutch.

   It made it through a 9 days cruise, a 3 hours drive back to Woodbury from NYC and into my spare bedroom for safe keeping. Months later (last night) one curious, naughty kitten found the umbrella and ravaged it to a pulp. As I went to shut out my lights for bed, I found it. 

   Demolished and filled with my hair. Nasty nasty nasty. Unable to toss it out right away (due to the pending hurricane...what? I'll need an umbrella!) I left it on my kindle and awake to it, seemingly highlighted by the bright green. 

   *VOM* And then I chucked it. As for the hurricane barreling up the eastern seaboard, I'd like to ask it to please allow Bob Smith to come work this weekend. My Philly trip has been pushed to the following weekend so that's all good. But I really want my bathroom back!! Here's a sneak peek for you all ;)


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XO Autumn Van Weir


  1. Oohh stingrays!!! I really like them after giving them a pat at Sea World haha

    Belly B :)

  2. I love the tile! I also know exactly where you were sitting when that picture was taken from the cruise. I also have my first umbrella (because it was my first cruise and NOT my honeymoon) I also have the funky monkey cup thing from the drink of the day. I also kept every single schedule each day in hopes that one day I will "scrap" them and by scrap them I mean find them 4 years from now and say screw this and chuck them in the garbage!
    ps. I am going back on that ship in September!

  3. side know how when you post they make you type in the word that is shown? This was just what it made me type! hellyals...Almost sounds like a catch phrase that Britney would start saying! I of course read it as hell yeahs but you get the point! :o)~

  4. Hellyaaaa'lls!!

    Oh Swarles, you have to go say hello to our room for us!