Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Foggy Dolphins

   Coupons. When I was a kid my mother had this coupon holder that had drawings of meat and produce on it and I thought it was the bee's knees. It folded out accordion style and held all her coupons. I knew that when I was grown up (took a few years longer than my original plan allotted for...) I would have one too. Cut to me at almost 30 years old and not having used more than one two coupons ever. The ones I had used to date were free Victoria's Secret underwear coupons. Or the occasional visit to google to research online coupon codes because I heart free shipping. I was at my parents house recently and stumbled upon a coupon flier and asked my mom if she needed them. She didn't. SCORE. The journey begins.

   I got the flier home and it sat on the the silver table in the foyer for a week and a half. This Saturday I had to go to the store so I figured I'd give them a look. Low and behold, I found coupons for things I had on my list!!

   Sweet. Now all I have to do is find interest in 2 boxes of an extremely particular type cereal from General Mills and want them enough to buy them. $1.50 off? Might be worth it. Um, $3.00 off the razors I use? Where do I sign? $4.00 off those automatic room sprayers that blast the room with deliciousness when it seems to smell? One for the basement. I practically got it for $3.00. In the end of my shopping experience I would say yes, it may be worth starting to coupon. But not crazy-town style.

                                           *From TLC's show "Extreme Couponing". Scary stuff*

   I really just want to be able to get a cute coupon organizer like my mom had. I wonder if Very Bradley makes one...

             *Sadly these are from a Google search and the Etsy shop that sold them is defunct*
    Maybe i'll get more into it when I get a nice coupon organizer. I'll keep you posted. Side note: I spelled "coupon" wrong every single time on this post that I wrote it. It is not spelled "coupn". Very sad.

   Now I will share with you to anomalies I faced on my way into work this morning. We had thunder and rain last night so I get why when I left my condo complex the road looked like this.

   Still weird though as we do not reside in Seattle, Washington. Please note that I was going 24 miles per hour at that time. You will never see my speedometer that low again, so soak it up. Fog is fine, you just have to be careful. There is a lake at the foot of the hill my condo is on so this is a common occurrence. But it was very foggy today. That was weird thing #1.

   #2 wrecked havoc on my brain. I have seen everything from tractors to the nicest sports car on my way into work, as Woodbury is a pretty nice area. You don't often see a car coming from Woodbury with a self-tint job on the windows. Even less often do you see a car with a tinted "image" attached to their back window. Namely, that of dolphins at sunset *shudder*. Nothing could look tackier than this:

      Let me point out the white portions of "film" on the sides of the "image". That's where the dolphin scene ends and doesn't fit on this Cavalier. But they threw caution to the wind, devil may care and slapped it on there anyway. The decorative license plate surround also had dolphins on it (natch) and it's unfortunately not visible in this picture I took safely while driving, so settle down.  Lesson here: do not put a non-fitting dolphin decorative tint on your car if you don't want me to mock you.

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  1. Dolphins are pretty obnoxious, but I'm assuming you've never seen "Truck Nuts"...photo to follow in your inbox