Friday, August 19, 2011

Curly or Straight? Please weigh in

   I need some opinions people! Hair for a wedding...curly?

 Or straight like the salon did?

   If it helps, I'm wearing my amazing $29 BCBG shoes.

And a saucy one shoulder black dress with what I consider "old tyme" beading.

   Comments will be welcomed and  are requested! HELP!! Now...I don't want to worry anyone, but I may never have a spare bathroom. That's a lie. I will, just probably not on "Monday" as promised. Bob Smith told me he'd come over Sunday to work on the room. Fine because Saturday we'll be off celebrating the nuptials! But Sunday, get yo' work on. Only of right now the dry wall is almost all installed. Aaron doesn't recall him saying Sunday. Of course he doesn't. OK so lets do a running listing of what works.

1. We have a tub with 2 shower walls installed.
2. Drywall is installed except for right over the tub where shower head will go (I was informed last night that Aaron "broke something" in that area and Bob has to fix it).
3. Tub faucet is installed and works.
4. Wait, that's it.

   I love little "Orange Ears" the bathroom inspector who somehow slunk into the picture when he was nowhere to be found moments prior. I assume he's as worried as I am. Turk couldn't care any less. She's just off climbing screens and peeing in the sink. Or maybe that's why she's acting out? Any cat specialists? (besides me, I mean) Once this god forsaken bathroom is done I plan to hang the most adorable little watercolors I got off Ebay by the sink. I found them one day by accident (no I didn't Google "cat art" least not this time). I ordered 3 of them because they were too hard to resist and the artist threw in a 4th because I paid right away! SWEEEEET.

   I purchased them in January. I just found frames at Michael's to fit them because they are teensy. Like wallet sized. During the Halloween shopping trip. They were perfect and only $3.99 each. That places the cost of each framed mini-print at $8 or so. Check them out and tell me they aren't cute and I'll say you are off your tree.

This was actually the catalyst. Our wedding china has dragonflies on it.

   Love them! And I'll put them in a dainty little row over the excessive amount of new light switches! I better get going...Aaron just sent me a text that said "wait til u see what I did to house". I have a phone call to make, methinks.

Let me know what you think about curly or straight hair! If you enjoy, please follow! I love you guys too!

XO Autumn Van Weir


  1. You cut your hair-John

  2. i love those shoes.

    check out mine Please

  3. I know its totally passed and you needed this answer for the wedding over the weekend but DEF. CURLY!!

  4. Stumbled on your blog from Ruffled... enjoying your posts. Oh and definitely curly :)

  5. Thank you Lorie!! Seems to be a landslide for curls. What's with the curls?? LOL