Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bob Smith is dead to me

  You can gather what happened with the contractor last night from the aggressive title of this post. Aaron and I have agreed to stop shouting at each other (via text) in this matter. Aaron states that because Mr. Smith said it could take "up to 2 weeks" that we need to relax and let him do his thang. My husband should know that "not relaxing" happens to be "my thang". 2 weeks? Seriously? Obviously Aaron or Bob have never seen "The Money Pit". The below video could not have been better created by yours truly.

   This clip is my life. And yes, I know it's just a bathroom. LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT!! It's just taking longer to "start up" than I was assured. By my loving husband. I wasn't ready to head right home after staying late at work. I wanted to put it off some out of fear. Though it was down pouring and I had to sit in a wet car seat because I didn't have the foresight to roll my windows up (sigh), I headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond to examine some decorating ideas for the beautiful new bathroom. I could picture it, waiting at home for me, as I perused shower curtains and wastebaskets. It looks like a Cape Cod heaven in my mind's eye.

   I found some options, though not so sure where I plan to go yet with shower curtains. These were my faves:

Or perhaps...

Or maybe a wicker set?

   I will now admit that the latter 2 are my favorite choices. I don't want to let on too much about the bathroom just yet. You'll just have to trust me! They'll match. It's just a matter of a funky porcelain or a fun beach style wicker? What do you think?? Comment below to advise me in my quest.

   Now for what you've all been waiting for. What happened when I got home last night in my soaking wet suit...raced up the stairs since Bob had already left for the day...

   That's it. He dumped the tub into the room and did nothing else. I am not a plumber. I am not a contractor (obv, I show up when I'm being paid to...). But I can't wrap my head around it taking 8 hours to install a tub. I text Aaron angrily and he defends the guy again as if I've just told him Apollo didn't do a good job eating his cat food. Defensive and angry and the "OK, whatever you say" bit. It ended with a truce. I'm not allowed to call Bob names or use the "F-Word" when describing progress to the bathroom and he isn't allowed to defend Bob as if he were our first born. *dramatic eye roll*

   He's coming back tonight. So lets see if I can hold up my end of this stupid constructive bargain. Don't forget to "follow me" via Google!! The more readers I know I have, the better I can keep posting!

   I'll see you all later!! Xo Autumn Van Weir


  1. MY TWO CENTS.....As I always do with anything I read, I first scan for pictures...I know its a horrible habit but I am a visual kind of guy, okay.....This time I am actually glad I did because I LOVE THE FIRST CHOICE for your bathroom accessories even though it seems a little girly (thinking of Aaron here because I personally would LOVE IT!) the second set I am not sold on. Probably because I have some candle holders with that same mother of pearl finish and I am just not sold. The wicker set I like, masculine, simple but how well will that wicker hold up in the humid bathroom after a couple of showers? The last set is awesome! But a little to dull for me. I love the mosaic feel of the pattern but the colors are just a little to muted and bland. That fun, whimsical pattern should be accented with bold, bright colors. Okay now back to reading the actual contents of this blog!

  2. ps. Contractors NEVER stick to a timeline so don't get upset! Its just the way they roll!

  3. I love the last one! I feel like it's sort of in the same vein as the first one but a little less feminine. And I like your tub... :-D

  4. My vote is for the last set as well. It's my fav of those 4. And breath, you will end up with a b-e-a-utiful bathroom...eventually.