Monday, July 25, 2011

DIYing to paint this table...

   I've been reading too many blogs methinks. I suddenly think I can take on "Do it Yourself" projects like some kind of home improvement Super-Girl. I have braved my way to 3 different hardware stores by myself (Never did this before. Be impressed.), bought the necessary items and done my first project!

   Project 1 was turning this old desk that sits in the foyer into something less hideous. I LOVE antique maps though, which is the design that resides on the top of the ol' gal. I followed my friends on all their blogs and taped off the top:

I then did NOT put a protective sheet between the paint and the grass because it's a condo and I don't give a what. Yes, there it is. Busted out my silver spray paint, and began spraying. My only sustained casualty..."spray wrist", I'll call it. From holding down the 2 cans of paint I used for this (and a second project) my wrist and finger were actually sore! Lame. I know. But it's worth it because I am the proud new owner of THIS piece instead now! 
  Now I was a spray paint virgin, so I did miss a spot that I'll have to fix. Of course it was smack in the left front of the leg, right where you see when you walk in. Good job, fool. But overall, it looks amazing! It's a whole new table! Now we have a silver table holding our mail and crap! Yay design!

Onto to #2. The Christmas Tree Shop $6 each shelves.

   Cheap? Yes. But how adorable would they be in the purple guest room if they were....



And voila. 2 silver shelves to be installed on the purple wall of our guest room. Some tips I learned while I messed up my own furniture.
1. Keep the spray nozzle about 8 inches away from whatever you're spraying.
2. Don't use TOO MUCH spray on any one area. It drips and drizzles and with a metallic paint, the marks will always show :( 
 3. It has wide range, so move EVERYTHING out of a 5 foot range that you don't want to turn silver (or color of your choosing. Puce? sure). I especially advise this with cameras. Don't ask me how I know that. Ask my new silver dotted camera.
4. Don't wear flip flops....

That is my foot, still covered in silver paint 2 days after the fact. Plus flip flop line. My foot looks like the Crypt Keeper's foot. Gray/silver isn't a good look for human flesh.

Good luck, kids!

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