Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My New T-Shirt

   Let's begin with a shout out to the best wallpaper ever. Aaron and I assisted our friends Tracy and Bryan with cleaning, furniture set up and painting their gorgeous "new" antique home. I love the appeal of an old home with a past and with the possibility of interesting old document and passage ways hidden in the walls! So far all they've found is bats that are breeding and this amazing wallpaper that I begged her not to take down.

   She "claims" this mudroom wallpaper, which matches nothing else in the house, was "peeling" and needs to be taken down for that reason. Please. This wallpaper should be left up as a reminder that some people have no taste and it will make her laugh everyday!! Don't you agree? I would also be OK with her doing a "Full House"-style tribute to this paper by cutting out a section and framing it like Uncle Jesse did with the pink bunnies. I'll keep you posted.

   So last night I went to the grocery store (boring), did some cleaning of my kitchen (even worse), and some laundry (livin' like a celeb now). As I began to cook some dinner I remembered that Aaron had asked me to move the laundry he started to the dryer. After clearing out the rubber gloves from his kitchen, pens and the $5 cash that I pocketed I was really on a roll. Dinner was in the oven so I decided to vacuum. Preface: I hate vacuuming more than any other task. This should tell you I was going for it. I do the main floor and give up. I made note of the fact that my amazing husband put away all his shoes which were cluttering up our breakfast nook (Read: room where the cat eats and we dump stuff on our way into the condo). I'm impressed now and so happy I chose to make a chicken pot pie for dinner. He deserves it. I go to put the vacuum away in the coat closet and am greeted by this sight:

   I resist the urge to scream and put all the shoes on his pillow. I close the door. I place the vacuum where I found it in the dining area. And walk away.

   One other great thing happened last night. I got in the shirt I ordered from T-Shirt Bordello online. Friends...it's the best shirt EVER which I wore whilst I prepared our meal.

   Yes. That's an alien spacecraft, Bigfoot AND the Loch Ness Monster. All in one shirt. Thank you T-Shirt Bordello. And in answer to your question, yes I also wore that psychotic grin all night long.

   Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go eat an egg wrap with cheese and hotsauce.

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