Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Factoid 5 #3

   Good morning and happy Friday! I was 100% sure yesterday was Friday. So much so, that when I rolled over at 6:29 to check the time I thought to myself "Oh YAY it's Saturday!". Saddening. It will be a nice weekend here in Connecticut. The leaves are starting to change a bit and it's cooling off finally. This hair just CAN'T do humidity.

   Onto the 5!!

1. I take traffic jams personally. I can't stop myself from thinking "maybe if whoever was in the accident had been more careful then 10,000 people on the interstate wouldn't be in standstill traffic and late for work right now!" Selfish, I'm aware. I just don't take traffic very well. Let me bask in my immaturity.

I normally soar past this area of the highway. Not today!

2. I am not a cowgirl. I may live in the sticks of Connecticut but I am the opposite of country. I don't love country music, I am allergic to horses, I just can't bring myself to wear cowboy boots (even when in fashion) and you know I'm doing something for you when I got to a party and where this hat you have provided me with.

Note the sarcasm on my face. This one's for you, Alix.

3. Crooked bumper stickers annoy me to death. You wanna rock your favorite vacation destination, your family (in my case a cat sticker) or the college you went to? I think it's awesome and I say go for it. I have a Cape cod "CC" sticker (which is oft confused for Cancun. No I did not go to Cancun when I was at UCONN. I went to Disney, thank you very much) and a small cat  cut out wearing  mouse ears. These are in my rear window because I'm afraid to stick anything to my car's paint (except for bright green paint). If you are going to place stickers on your car PLEASE double check their alignment. Or I will get stuck behind you gritting my teeth in traffic.

The trajectory of the left sticker is wrong. Just wrong. They should have both been placed on  like the one on the right. Big deal? No. But it drove me nuts to stare at.

4. I have trouble understanding people with thick accents. To a fault, like I can't have a real convo with them. I think my mind just blocks out accents sometimes. I probaby have an accent to someone in the south. I sound like the uptight CT jerk that I am. We have an Egyptian man at work who runs the kitchen in the cafe. He's such a great guy, I adore him. I can understand 30% of what he says. It's probably my brain reacting to the jealousy that I was born in CT and still live here. I'm a non-exotic.

5. I would have majored in Egyptology if they offered it. I am obsessed with ancient Egypt. I think there is no more fascinating ancient culture. I got my minor in history (and psych, but only because I had taken so many as electives) and I enjoyed every class I took. If I'm watching tv with husband he will stop flipping if it's a show about mummies or pyramids or Egypt related. He just knows to stop. Someday...I will see the glorious Sphinx. I will stand in its shadow and bask in the sands.

Courtesy of
Or I'll bask to the far front of Sphinx because clearly I'd fall on that gate pictured above if I really basked and I don't like the idea of bruised ribs.

Later, peeps.

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  1. I'm against most bumper stickers. those window clings are okay because when you decide thats not your favorite slogan in the world anymore you can just peel it off.

    And yeah, thick accents are tough. When I'm at work and can't understand someone on the phone I get so embarrassed, and always lie and say the connection is really bad when I need something repeated.

    Chic on the Cheap