Friday, September 9, 2011

Awwww Mom

   My mother finished compiling the thousands of (I'm exaggerating) pictures from my wedding from multiple photographers. She advised me of this via the funniest text sequence ever.

Mom- Be sure to text your brother with the date for the Big E. (for non-locals, that's a giant New England fair)

Mom- And they  are activated. (she means the wedding pictures)

Me- Is that a threat? Do you have bombs?

Mom- Very funny. Did you get my text about Big E?

Mom- Not the rapper.

Me- Yes,  I texted John. Do you think the Big E is a rapper?

Mom- No Biggie E Small?

Me- <barely contained chortling at my desk> LMAO. It's Biggie Smalls, Ma. That's getting blogged.

Mom- Thought you'd like that. idk what I'm talking about. Just trying to keep up with you kids. :)

Me- You may have missed the boat. He died like 16 years ago.

Mom- IK that.

  Of course I'll share the link in my next post. I need one more moment of glory for my wedding before we enter a new year and it's no longer "the year I got married".


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  1. lol! I love parents' texts! My parents always end with Love, Mom or Love, Dad. LOL..bc clearly I don't know who I have been texting :)