Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pizza burn

   Good morning everyone! I would like to report that I hate my hair. It's just long enough now to pull back if need be, however, the short cut makes it more high maintenance than it's ever been ever. I'm done. I want it longer again. It's incredibly frustrating to wake up and know I can't just style it and go. I'm so glad I could donate it- but I need my hair back to a degree because I don't like the look.

   Bob Smith didn't show up last night. What else is new?...

Onto the good stuff. I made an easy pizza for dinner last night, advised by my cousin Natalie, of course!

Pizza Dough
Classico Sundried Tomato Alfredo sauce
Sundried tomatoes (I use the ones in oil all seasoned and delicious)
Package of frozen spinach ( I defrosted it a little and then sauteed it with garlic)
2 large chicken breasts, sauteed in oil and garlic
2 C mozzarella

   It was to DIE for. Cook on 500 in the oven for like 8- 10 minutes. I called the post "pizza burn" because pulling it out of the oven I lost my grip on the pot holder and scorched the palm of my hand. 500 degrees on my palm ain't so good! Try to make it anyways though, Aaron's words "This is amazingly delicious"!!


  1. I love your short hair!! But I'm pretty sure you would look amazing with extensions. :)

  2. Ummm... YUM! That looks delicious!!!