Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clean up on aisle A

   It's almost time. I found and purchased candy corn pumpkins today! I am so ready to decorate for Halloween. As soon as the carpet is done I think I will. Bathroom is almost there. No pictures yet though because I am determined to show you all a finished product.

   I did work on another project though which made me feel awesome. I read a blurb on CNN online about cleaning out your closet. I decided that on Labor Day, that would be my task. Just yesterday I checked in with one of my fave blogs twentynine and Michelle had just done the same exact thing too! Except she bought the book. I did not...

   This author, Jill Martin, got me to notice how much unwanted, ill fitting clothing I had in my closets and drawers. After just one skim of her article on CNN I knew she was right.  "I feel like you should always look like you're about to run into your ex-boyfriend," Martin said. "When you can avoid it, you should never be a mess." When you have too much in your closet, most of which you never even pull out as an outfit option, why hold onto it? I knew I was guilty as charged. I'm the queen of saving things for the right weather, or a different sized item that I "may" fit into again. Forget all of that.

   Why do I have 15 pairs of sweats/yoga pants and 30 sweatshirts? Why do I feel the need to get a new Cape Cod shirt every year that I go when I really only wear these tees to bed?Not only did I need a serious clean out, but I have to reevaluate how I shop. I couldn't wear every item I have over the course of a year. Enough is enough!

   I started hacking into the closet. I began with the jeans. I started with about 15-20 pairs ranging in 3 different sizes. I could remember having convos with myself over whether or not I should wear a specific pair on a day. Trash them. If I couldn't recall the last time I wore them or if they had a bad quality (ie., hate how the pockets lay, fit loose in the waist, too short) I deemed them unfit and into the pile they went. I wear suits every day. I don't need this many pairs of jeans. I have about 5 pairs that fit well that are my "go to" pairs. That's all I need.

   An old dress that I "hung onto" in case I need a casual dress. I had this dress since I was 19. I equate it with my 19th birthday because it's what I have on in all the pictures. I am most certainly not going to be wearing this again. I haven't in YEARS. Stop hoarding, Autumn.

   The pile continued to grow as I got more realistic about why I was keeping these items.

   "Because it fit me once" or "because I wore that to a rehearsal dinner" isn't a good reason. It just added to clutter. In the end I filled 4 garbage bags up and brought them all to my mom and sister to pick through. I will do a second round once the spare bedroom is more accessible (post-bathroom!). The "after" left me feeling like I had less choices to dig through. I shouldn't allow myself to feel guilty that I bought a shirt and never wore it. I shouldn't keep it!

  I even went through my "in case I paint" drawer of clothing. Nothing left! Because I almost never paint! lol You may want to consider doing this. It felt amazing!


  1. First Michelle, now you...I know I'm going to do this weekend

  2. Wow! Great purge!!! I'd also recommend getting thinner hangers. I use the velvet ones fro Bed Bath and Beyond, they save a ton of space.

  3. I did do this a few weeks ago. It did NOT make me feel good, it made me completely depressed. :oP I'm glad it worked for you, though!

  4. wow, great job! i don't think I'd be able to do the same :)


    Fashion Fractions

  5. I really need to do this. I am a horrible clothes hoarder - I have things in my room I haven't worn in YEARS. This will be my goal before we move!!

  6. Love that you did this! I saw that Michelle was doing it too! It's so refreshing. I did this over the's the link to my post about it incase you're interested :)

    I do need to go thru a few more items that I LOVE but unfortunately don't really fit into anymore. booo! :)

  7. I've only ever had limited success in cleaning out my closet - attempts at big purges are usually in vein. I'll just pull everything out, make a huge mess and then find a reason to put it back.

    I sort of have a mental list of stuff I've got to get rid of when I do the fall switch out... but that wont be for while... thinking about sweaters is making me shudder.

    Chic on the Cheap