Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Organ donors: artichoke hearts

   Delicious and I have been told, difficult to cook. Guess what? Not hard, just takes a long time (that's what she said). Begin by cutting off the stem with a mega sharp knife. Cut off the top portion where all the leaves join. Rinse that pup. Be careful...I sliced my finger open on a leaf. Literally.

   Add water to a pot with steamer tray in it to the the base of the steamer. You may need to add more later as these have to cook for ions.

   I read something that suggested dripping some lemon juice over them because they will brown. Done and done. Then I found some chopped garlic in olive oil in the fridge (sweeeet). Also drizzled some olive oil over the tops of the chokes so they'd remain supple.

  Cook like this with lid on top for 40 minutes! Yes, 40. Check back in around 20 minutes to add more water if need be. Leave burner on medium or so.

A. Mazing. Melt some butter. Dip away.

Where's the heart? The precious heart.

I meant "of the artichoke", but OK.

Delicious and something you can prep and walk away from! Awesome appetizer.

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  1. I LOVE artichokes. they are so amazing. I cook them a bit differently though. I use a ton of salt, parsley, garlic and olive oil and boil them. No butter or lemon.

    Chic on the Cheap