Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paw prints in my grout

   The title is exactly what it sounds like! Less than 10 minutes after Bob finished the  grout and warned us "don't let frying pan face in there <his nickname for Apollo>, he'll ruin the grout" I naturally found "frying pan face" cowering from me in the farthest point of the bathroom. And then came Turk from the other side. So not only did they get in there right away, but they left tiny paw prints in the grout. Forever.

   Then one of our friends, who has an affinity for putting the cats on top of the fridge, placed Apollo up top. He then climbed to the VERY top shelf and balanced on my brand new Fiestaware pasta bowl that was already teetering on top of 3 or 4 other fancy serving pieces.

   It was unharmed, lucky for our friend. So Dave will be over tonight...maybe tomorrow I'll have some pics for you.

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