Thursday, September 1, 2011


   I didn't know such wonder existed. behold...the cleaning paw from Z

Z Gallerie

   These are on sale. for $4.95. Buy them. I can't because we're on budget lock down with the bathroom (yay) and carpet. You can look forward to my new carpet on September 19th! I'm pretty excited to see the new look. Only down side- we have to move every "knick knack", picture frame and candlestick out of 4 rooms in our house. Our room, spare room, hallway (stairs) and living room. Bring on the chaos because lord knows the task will get old and I'll just start shoving things in bins. The guys from the place will do the actual furniture moving. So would you start doing it now and be more organized? Or wait until right before so your house isn't "bare"  for a few weeks? Help me.

   Would you wear a ring that looked like a crown? I'm considering this ring. The top one to be exact. Maybe the top and middle. I discovered them by mistake one day while stalking another blog and came upon this site and looked up rings.

   These are sold at My Sparrow and run from $45 to $60 depending on the ring. I'm outgoing. Can I pull off a crown ring? I'm so needy today!



  1. LOVE that you won't spend $4.95 on super cute paw cleaning gloves, but have no problems spending $45-$60 on a super cute crown ring. I by no means think you are wrong in this, by the way.

  2. First off....I love Friday Morning Blogging! Just starts the weekend off right! :o)

    So.....You know you can totally pull off that ring! I love it! I think it would look Amazballs on you! The pair looks really nice!

    Also, my opinion (which I know you value like your nine west pumps) I would start moving out the rooms that you don't spend a lot of time in. That way when it comes down to the last week you can do your main living areas and not feel like you live in a baron condo for weeks on end.

    These two cents were brought to you by the letter T and the word Sassafras :o)

  3. 1. Yes you can pull off a crown ring.

    2. Make sure you check out my blog post today... you may or may not be tagged in it...

  4. i personally love the crown, so go for it. and don't be offended if i copy you!

  5. Swarles...UGH that means now I have to start empyting rooms. You're right though, I knwo you are ;)

    Michelle- I looke fwd to that! And I will use this comment as proof that I needed it when the ring comes in and my hub says "what the hell is that?"

    Amy- OMG do it. It's adorable? who WOULDN'T want it?? lol