Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Drumroll for wedding pictures...

  I am super excited to share the info on how to get to my wedding pictures online! I had about 5 different photographers only because my parents are professionals and they had friends there as well as our hired photographer. My mom was kind enough to assemble ALL of the pictures from all the parties involved and put them in one place! It took her a really long time so I thank you, Mom!!

   If you want to look at a few, or every single one, they are broken down into 2 different sections. Titled "Autumn + Aaron" and "Autumn + Aaron Reception". So feel free, my friends!

   Go to Autumn Studios Photography and enter the site. Click on the left drop down called "Information" and select "My Pictures". It will bring you to the pic viewing site. Select one of the titles mentioned above. Then just type in your email (you will not receive emails from anyone) and you can have at 'em!! It was such a great day...if you're into weddings, take a peek!

   I'll be back later...see you then!


  1. i am super excited to take a look!

  2. I'm so mad - i don't know why your blog doesn't update in my followers list?!!? I'm looking at your pictures right now - LOVE the blue shoes! I want blue shoes!!

  3. Omg! I love your dress, I love your jewelry - I love everything!!! And that is amazing you had 5 photographers!! Would your parents like to adopt me for the next year?

  4. I will be staring at your wedding pics ALL NIGHT LONG. I love weddings!!! And yours was fabulously gorgeous! :)