Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's go Mets!

   I'm at home sick today, blog friends. Hence my late posting! I wanted to share some fun pictures with you from the Mets game we went to last night. They had a nice 9/11 memorial service and we enjoyed it very much. Today is freebie picture day for me!

But not before we tailgated, of course.

Please note my husband and brother sharing a seat on the cooler...apparently they would rather do that than get another chair out of the truck?

That is a burger. With chips on it. Leave it to my sis-in-laws boyfriend!

   And there I am. proving I can't make ONE ring land in the box over a 30 minute period. That's when my brother and one of our friends decided to "accidentally" toss a ring to the girls playing behind us.

Then the friend asked me to let all my single lady friends know he's a catch. "Tell them I like cheese. And blimps"

Onto the game!

Had to share that, it was pretty cool.

I hope everyone has a great day! I'll be back on my feet tomorrow, my dears!!

XO Autumn Van Weir

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