Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Target Garden

   Those two words in the title are entirely non-related. I just want to talk about those two things and I thought the idea of a "Target Garden" sounded enticing. My qualm with Target (who is one of my greatest loves) is that I can't get on the site to even peek at the new Missoni line. I just got rid of ALL my clothes and I feel good about it. I will not be shopping for a new wardrobe. But it's rather disappointing that I can't even look! Did they expect this to happen? I didn't realize it would be all hell breaking loose on the interwebs. Luckily I finally found this ad... Guess I have to go fight the crowds after work to get a look! haha

   Right? I'm jealous of Michelle over at twentynine got there and got shoes! I do like those little flats.  And it's a naturally only there for a limited time. Hope they restock soon.
   My other topic this am that's plaguing me is the gardens outside my condo entryway. My mother-in-law has a green thumb and has kept the garden on the unit she is in next door amazingly. She's leaving though and I am concerned it's going to all die.

   If only I had this ability. I kill plants. I have one living plant in my home and it was a birthday gift from last year. The one from this year is already deceased. I tried!! This is our side of the garden:

     And the plants you see there were planted by my mother-in-law. It's pathetic. Does anyone have any gardening tips? Ways you keep plants alive? HELP. The newer neighbors on the other side just dug up all the trees ad ivy from their garden and it's a bare plain now. The gent is about to create a gorgeous garden, I know it. I have to catch up with these people. The area doesn't get a ton of light so I can't just plant anything. Suggestions are more than welcome.

   You all have a great morning!


  1. Sara "Black Thumb" MSeptember 14, 2011 at 8:54 AM

    I was reading on another blog that Target stores were INSANE and all the Missoni stuff was flying off the shelves! They have to restock; they'd be silly not too - this stuff is clearly a gold mind!
    And I have the same issues with gardens - on our neighbor's deck, they have beautiful plant boxes filled with brightly colored flowers. We have...a grill brush. Good times.

  2. Sara "Poor Speller" MSeptember 14, 2011 at 8:55 AM mine, not MIND...silly.

  3. i too am jealous of michelle for her flats. and am terrible at keeping plants alive. i think they actually fear my house...

  4. I did not get to target yesterday, i'll be happy to take a look around when they restock... i heard stories of locations getting sold out in 20 minutes!

    there were definitely a few things i would have liked though...

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