Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday /Altoid Curse

   Most Mondays are as you'd expect around here. I don't want to get up because the cats are cuddly...

   Or because the bathroom isn't done yet. Or the weekend is always too short because I jam pack as many errands and fun  events as can be. This week it was different. It was like a scene from a sitcom. Aaron's alarm went off at 6:20 "by accident". It was supposed to be set for 7:20. This woke me up unhappily and left me wide awake until 7:00 when my alarm went off. 10 minutes later the power went off.

   I tried to call CL&P to find out when the power would be back on but naturally Aaron doesn't know which phone number the account is linked to (turned out to be the disconnected home phone) or his account number. For once he threw the paid bill away rather than leaving it on a counter so I had no reference. All the while during this time I'm trying to do my makeup in my jewelry box mirror at the bedroom window and trying to fend off Turk who is all too curious.

   I get us found by address and the system robot tells me power is "normally restored in 2 hours" but no guesstimate as to when OURS would be back on. My concern is IF Bob shows later, there will be no power. The system is then giving me the case number and I have no pen, no paper. I scramble to my nightstand and find my checkbook and a sharpie and start writing it. I hear a crunching sound. I go around the side of the bed and Turk has stolen a mini-rose that I saved from an important Aunt's funeral 2 years ago and she is mangling it. I snatch the rose, hit the "say it again" button to make CL&P-bot repeat and get the number. I get ready and leave.

   There's over an hour of traffic. I run into the store to grab a couple things, Excedrin (don't judge), conditioner, cat food etc. I get out to the car and sort out the things I wanted in my purse. I find these:

   This is the second time recently that I didn't pay for Altoids and they ended up being bagged into my items at checkout. I don't like them, I'm not curious enough. Is someone trying to tell me something?

   I get to work, try to log onto CL&P to see about our power sitch. I left the case number on my dresser. I blame Monday. And all the Altoids. Bathroom still isn't done. 


  1. your cat is so cute! and funny that you always get some free altoids :D


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Aww, what a crazy story! I hope your bathroom will be finished soon ;)

    Bon courage!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  3. I'm judging you. I thought we had been through this already.