Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Multi-Wallet

   I learned something about a dear friend at dinner the other night. You know the saying "One can never have too many_____"? And people usually insert their interest into the quote. "Shoes" or "cars". In my case as a kid I had a "One can never have too many cats" shirt (foreshadowing much?). Well we have a new one, care of Lisa.

   When the check came at the pizza place we both pulled out our wallets. Or, what I thought was the only 2 wallets we had. Lisa didn't have exact change, but I did, which was rarity enough. Then she unleashed this on me. "Let me check these other wallets."...

   She has a cold, so I went easy on her. But 4 wallets? It was insanity! And even crazier...she had the SMALLEST purse!

   Suffice it to say- it resulted in a good hearty laugh, needed by all. Lisa and her tiny purse and 4 wallets. And then she threw a dime at me and we called it a night.


  1. Isn't the point of a wristlet to eliminate the need for a full-blown purse? Aww, Lisa. Too much Nyquil? :o)

  2. i can barely keep track of my one wallet!

  3. Okay, to clarify.
    1.)The red one is usually in my car, but someone actually "broke into" my car and went through it, so I'm scared to leave it in there now. (I use quotation marks because I may have made it easy on them and left it unlocked...whatevs.) 2.) The little green one has only gift cards and change in it. Totally acceptable.
    3.)I WAS using the wristlet as my primary wallet so I could just grab it and go if I didn't want to bring the whole purse, but with my job I don't take a purse, so I moved that stuff to the smaller pink one that easily fits into a pocket.

    I just hadn't re-organized yet.

    And listen JHoff. You gave me that wristlet...maybe I just wanted to keep you close at heart? No? Too much?