Friday, September 23, 2011

Maine Wrong

   I am one of the most competitive people on Earth. The problem is... I married the second most competitive. My brother would probably be the third. Life is interesting sometimes, let's leave it at that.

   A flash of a giant cat came across the TV and he resembled Apollo very much.

That's his "hey, baby" wink.

   There he is, the Bear. The first love of our lives at parents. Our Apollo. He's a purebred Himalayan which is a mixed breed created in the mid 1900s. They are a combo of Siamese and Persian. They are very high maintenance as far as cleaning, brushing, teeth issues and eye drainage.

"check out my dope necklace"

Clearly he's part marhsmallow.

So this guy should make more sense now.

   He's happy don't worry. Anyhow...I clearly know the background of this breed we proudly own. I did the homework when we got the little enormous guy. We see a cat on TV that looks just like Apollo but calico.

Me- *squeeeeal* it's our baby!

Aaron- Nah, That's a Maine Coon.

Me- That's not. He has the flat face like Apollo, or a Persian.

Aaron- Maine Coons have the same thing.

Me- Have you ever even seen a Maine Coon in real life? You're so wrong.

*Now I know he's ticked because I jump in with his usual "wanna make a bet?" argument. That's the tell tale that Aaron has proof that he's empirically correct. I NEVER say it because I can rarely back myself up.

Me- Are you sure? Let's look it up.

Aaron- (swipes away both cell phone with web access) No. I'm right.

Me- You aren't (reaches for phone).

The majestic Maine Coon. Proving me right  via here.

Aaron- *Subject change* I want a Maine Coon. Look how BIG that guy is! We have to get one someday. AHH look at that tail!

Me- *Eye roll. Not even allowed to bask in my own glory*

   Good thing both the cat and Aaron are cute.


  1. Looooove winning arguments that way! Thank you cell phones and google!

  2. Yeah, now that we can look stuff up in two seconds, it's kinda hard to argue like we used to. and you should totally get the main coon - awesome cat.

    Chic on the Cheap