Thursday, September 22, 2011

And the dress winner is...

  Forever 21. It took me like 30 minutes to find 2 of the 4 dresses. Then I stumbled across the 3rd by mistake. Sadly, the maroon-ish dress looked like PJs in person. I didn't even try it on. It was sad. You can see it again here. 

   I then headed into the dressing room and was given the ONLY stall without a working light fixture above it. *sigh* I know everyone loved dress #3 and I did too. However, there should be a disclaimer that if you're over 5'7, you shouldn't wear it. The "waist" came up to my bust line almost.

   There I was. Ready to board the "Good Ship Lollipop". A little too precious for my 5'10 frame. I tried on a gray lace dress with the same shape but worse. I did not photograph that. You're welcome.

   And the winner is...

   It just worked! I'm thinking black opaque tights with black pumps. Retro style. Or maybe just no tights and black flats? Guess we'll see when October 1st comes. And special thanks to the bride, Alix, for weighing in!!! You guessed it after I had bought it! Good eye, kid.


  1. Love you pick. And I'm 5'5 so I might run to Forever 21 and try out that dress!

  2. my pick is tights and heels, and chunky gold jewelry. You look fabulous!

  3. oooh I LOVE that!! It looks great on you!! Great choice!
    I think I'm due for a trip to that wonderful...sometimes panic attack inducing store. I love the clothes and prices but sometimes the music and the mess sends me over the edge (yes I'm a grandma..ha!)

  4. would work with both! Great dress!!

  5. too bad the other one didn't work out, but i'm loving the final result!