Monday, July 18, 2011

The paint can

   How was your weekend? Mine involved spilled paint, bird droppings and fun with friends. I'll preface this post by stating that Aaron was the one who painted, bought the first can of paint and then "sealed the lid" on top of the can of "Spring Dust" paint. When you say to me "you can bring just the lid in to color match the 2nd can of paint, but I think it would just be easier to bring the whole can since it's about empty"...I assume you want  me to "bring in the whole can".

   This was the outcome of Aaron "seal job":

But wait, there's more! Because of course my  '07 Honda Civic (which is still in great condition) has a spare tire in the trunk under the "secret door". Which resulted in this:

   I didn't know whether to scream, cry, or just roll Civic up to a cliff and push her off. Yes, I was feeling dramatic. This was all after spending a lovely day eating cupcakes with my dear friend, Lisa.

Thank you to this delicious dessert eatery! (in Bethel, CT)

  So that outing saved the day. I texted Aaron who was at work letting him know what had happened in my trunk. It went something like this...

Me- "OMG Aaron! the freaking old piant can lid wasn't on and it spilled all over my trunk!!"
Aaron- "No way I put it on tight" *note no punctuation used*
Me- "I'm about to lose it. It seaped down into where the spare is. It's everywhere"
Aaron- "And you shld nev put stuf like that in trunk" *blame shift*

   He went on to say it's not worth arguing about. He said that after I said "well I guess we should just install a camera in my trunk for NEXT TIME and we'll see whose fault it was". See how I used the comedies? That's so I wouldn't start weeping. On a lighter note Aaron finally got a new cell phone this weekend. This has been a major point of contention for probably 2 years because the normal texts I get from my husband look like this "wil u sckuba dive w me on honeymoon". Scary content. And not just because I'm afraid of water and "Sckuba diving". I'm still not sure if he meant "scuba" or if it's some weird new thing I don't even know about yet. I didn't reply to that ellusive mess.

   Well it's Monday and what better way to start your day than find a bald eagle or some kind of anicent dinosaur bird pooped on yor car because you haven't been able to park your car in your garage for 3 months? Thanks bird!!

  Have a lovely Monday! *hangs head and weeps*

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