Wednesday, September 7, 2011


   I don't chew Trident gum. Explain to me, then, how a piece pf gooey melted Trident green gum ended up on the floor of my closet and attached to my favorite pair of work shoes??

   *Tear*. Guess what? I wore them anyway. I refuse to let these go. I wear only pant suits anyhow so you can't totally see it. I just learned that my mall no longer has a Nine West. That's 2 pairs down the drain.

   Those evenings where everything goes wrong was certainly the case last night. Aaron came home from work early with joint pain and a very high temperature and cough. He came home and I suggested a nice hot shower because he was freezing. I guess he was excited to grab a towel because I heard a crash and came upstairs to find our old towel rack (that came with the condo) shattered and towels on the floor.

And the remnants on my shelf.

   He then curled up on the couch, I got him blankets etc and kept checking his fever. Where I come from 103 is serious. Where he comes from it means "go to work the next morning anyhow"....? Hmmmm. Amidst that crisis and me trying to reassemble the broken towel bar (not fixable) the cat peed in the bathtub. While I was looking right at her. There may be something of a defiant streak in this cat. Maybe she's still mad about the rabies vaccine.

   It's a new day...have a good one! Did anyone else have a weird night?


  1. wow, that is a weird night and boo about the shoes. we had a weird morning when our dog went absolutely insane for about an hour and barked at us. so weird!

  2. Ruined shoes are the worst!! My dog has chewed many of my shoes, thankfully she goes for the cheaper ones! My cat also used to be a "defiant dumper" as I like to say. Well, I don't *like* saying it, but you know what I mean. LOL So at least yours went in the tub and not on a bed!

  3. I'm sorry I'm laughing. If it makes you feel any better, yesterday I went to the gym with my pants on backwards. Those shoes are really cute - maybe putting some dish detergent will help?

  4. oh no!! Sorry about all of that!! Yesterday was bad for me too! 2 sick kids equals day 4 of not sleeping more then 3 hours a night (plus double doctor yesterday only to find it just needs to run it's course!). Today is a new day!! Here's to a better one! xo